Diabetes Cure - By Reversing Your Immune System Naturally

What is Diabetes. Diabetes is a condition when the pancreas Fungus Hack cannot make any or enough Insulin in our immune system.

There are various types of diabetes; the most common are:

• Type 1 Diabetes - The effects from the body's failure to produce insulin naturally and require an external source usually done by injection of insulin.

• Type 2 Diabetes - The effects from insulin resistance, a condition in which the cells fail to use insulin produced properly. Eventually, the amount of glucose in the blood increases while the cells are starved of energy.

Glucose is our body main source of fuel, which comes from the foodstuff that we consumed daily. It enters our blood stream and is needed by our body cell for energy. To use glucose, our body needs Insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced in pancreas naturally. It is important and it enables our cells to absorb glucose from our blood stream to turn them into energy. As of today, diabetic patients among the world populations are estimated to be more than 180 million and it is projected to increase by double in Year 2030 as new economies develop. Juvenile diabetes appears to be due to defective gene that causes self destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Insulin must then be taken regularly to support life.


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