By Emmanuel Nicholas
They cry as virtuous widows but are the killers of their husbands, they are town criers for good governance but they cannot even be good fathers and mothers to their children. See them hunting down people’s reputations but they have none. Go close to them and you discover that they are as stinking as the pigs. They fight wrong battles for wrong reasons, selfish not selfless. The masses are wrongly their disciples, for they believe they mean well when they are using them to fight in ‘their interest’: they run to and from the online media ,talking as saint in destroying others, proving to be dignified men , but are actually lions with vices as their only integrity.

The women of whoredom are their only altar for worship but they sing holy homily in the public. They cause war in secret and preach peace to the congregation, they walk as the papal in public glare but are worse terrorists that waste lives at night. You see them smiling at you but they are sourcing for means of sending you to grave. They love to see you cry, but when you are happy they are grieved. Hear them speak, this government is incompetent and corrupt but give them one day to lead they will run the Country to ruins. General Buhari was Petroleum Trust Fund, PTF chairman, but saw not when Abacha looted Nigeria treasury. How can he see evil about his league? As the PTF chairman he co-looted with Abacha, but this is a Saint preaching of turning Nigeria around. He is just a demon in Sainthood displaying falsehood.

These people are cast to act a part in the movie of deception but all the time preach sanity and sanctity. You can’t see them help others, but they bring down those who are care givers, they are wicked men but doing the job of the saint, not in deed but by lips. They cry like frogs but are toads of shrine of evil rumours. They love to call others names but want to be seen as messiahs , they sleep but their eyes are open , they stop talking but their tongue are sending venoms of hatred against others . They prove to the Youth that they are fighting their fight, but they are looking for ways to use their future to create wealth for themselves while the Youth become firewood to cook their meals and they eat on golden table, then the Youth become mire for them to work through and turn to blackmail the Youth if they wish to revolt against them if they find out that they were used to fight for benefit not for the masses advantage.

When they are lying, they swear with heaven and earth to be truthful, they are armed robbers but accuse others of thievery , they are rapist but call others prostitutes, they are burgundy but pretend and portray themselves as intellectuals, give them a chance to prove their worth, they become apology to their kindred. They dance naked when they speak unknown to them but arrogantly they feel they have arrived, their tongues run as Carl Lewis when they want to sing the homily of integrity. But this is what they can afford; because you cannot give what you don’t have. The attitude of every man flows from the inside. What you are is what is embedded in you, your heart is the remote control of your tongue, for thought controls the tongue. They mention God in every bid of their speech but their heart is far away from him, for they keep not the commandment of ‘love your neighbour as yourself’, the greatest commandment among the rest, their neighbour’s pains is their joy, the joy of their neighbour is their agony , the promotion of their neighbour is the poison that wants to kill them , they celebrate when they see their neighbour mourns and go mad when their neighbours are rejoicing .
When you are rewarded for your labour they become frenzy about your progress but before you they make themselves fellow warriors of your well-being-unknown to you that they were pretending to be with you when they were the ones burning fire that your reward should be sent to the abyss, where you will have it no –more. Upon your reward they begin to lead an evil crusade against you, even as you have given them to eat from your portion , yet they are not satisfied but seek for ways to bring shame upon you and run you to another phase of life affliction .
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s refusal to act as a dictator has made the demons in Sainthood to tag him incompetent of solving Nigeria’s problems. He would have send war to the North and kill the innocent in place of Boko Haram members, as it was done in Odi, imprison journalists and men who talk ills of him as all his predecessors did. He would have not allowed INEC to announce the result of opponents when they win an election but announce PDP candidates instead, he would force the judges to give judgement that favours only his party and never to allow true independent of jurist to exist. He should be vindictive against other tribes and run aground all the business concerns of those that fight against his reign. Ahaji Umoru Yar’Adua killed thousands of Boko Haram in one day but no man saw him as evil and Boko Haram members threw no bomb, today Boko Haram is terrorising Nigeria and they want me to believe that they are fighting against western education.
They promised to build paradise on earth if they are given a chance to lead Nigeria , but how can the rascals and extremists give comfort to others. They stole the name of another political party or a name of a drug, so how can such a merger work, when they start it with stealing and crisis of who leads who?
They said both the Chief rascals and extremists have dropped their bid to govern Nigeria, but how true their conscience is, no evil can co-exist for long. I see them divided and APC shattered with internal fracas borne out of tales of woes caused by conflict of interest, I see them run away to strange lands out of shame of frustration and true Saint will triumph come 2015.

Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio CON is uncommonly transforming Akwa Ibom State , the people are happy yet some men whose work is to speak peace but yet have war within their loins. They call him names and act as Saint and those who read or hear them believe they are, but they are fighting wars of personal interest but make it a public debate as if it is for the overall benefit of the masses. Personally, I think much of it has to do with wanting to fit-in within a group and also, people can be fake if they don't know themselves...if they have low opinion of themselves that they must constantly try to reinvent their persona to fit what they think others will accept. It's a question of sticking to your guns no matter what. I think it's always better to be yourself, even if the situation makes it hard.

At least this way you can look back at your actions as a realist and not as someone who can't face up to their actions and who make excuses for what they've done out of a misguided attempt to get people to like them. They are not well into their own personality. No one has validated them in their own true personality, so they escape in their dreams and their lies. And since we are all one, please do not forget that each time we do not validate someone, each time we refuse an honest eye contact, each time we ignore the pleas of others, we are also pretending to be nice people when we are not. We may ask questions a thousand times, showing how deeply concerned we are for such and such topic, but when we refuse to help someone in need, then we are fake. Such persons are always judgemental and self-centered people who are revolutionaries, terrorists have high emotional quotient though they resort to violent acts, look like innocent kids.

They are unhappy with their current situation. So they make up some kind of elaborate fantasy more to fool themselves than to fool others. There are people who look like angels so that they can deceive gullible people. When will demons stop preaching like Saints , destroying the reputation of others to expand their dreams , cross the path of the well placed to pull them down so that they could rise , causing crisis between the people and the government to gain attention and profit , becoming hunters to gun down the innocent to drive home the accomplishment of their success? Some run down the image of their land in order to gain their business concerns and forget that the law of nature will always return upon them with vengeance in the later days, for he that works to destroy another will be destroyed by his own sword he prepared for others to die.

Where is an honest man who cries in the market place for no personal gains? Show me that dog that barks without food in its stomach? Who is that desert warrior who fights and expects no water to refresh so that he faints not?
Men who call others names are truly the tag they hang on others, who wish to rule instead of their victim? The North wants power back and they want to make President Jonathan scap goat to their enthronement.
And Some people in Nigeria are not happy to see Akwa Ibom State in the place of glory it has attained today, for they expected the Children of that land to remain their slaves and sex slaves forever. That is why they are mad with Chief Godswill Akpabio for redeeming the land of his fathers from the slums of underdevelopment. Today these men are mad against him in the Street of Port Haircourt, Lagos and Minna. See pretenders of Sainthood who want others to remain in ruins so that they continue to subject them to domination .

Umana Okon Umana is out to lead Akwa Ibom State after the end of Acacia’s regime. Already the demons in sainthood have started to hang tags of wrong doing on him, a reputable man, who has no stain on his record of service to humanity both as a Civil and public servant. Yet this gruesome men are sending his image to mud for indentation and sour his chance of success as the next governor of Akwa Ibom State. But can the evil triumph over the light? No darkness can comprehend the light. Governor Akpabio’s wedding gift to Mrs Annie Macauley Tu face Idibia has sent them to the table of petition writing not because of the gift, but because it was given to a wife of another man, from another tribe. You see they are ethnic bigots and not representativeS of the masses which they pretend to be. While some criticize the gift, in their whole life they cannot afford a bicycle while Tu face is blessed with luxury cars. See oppressors of the well placed who want them to go down.

No other man can take the place of another, no matter how you try, for every throne and crown is fashioned by God for each man at a time, so blackmailing of others to look a Saint can’t give you the throne God does not want you to sit. Some say they are human rights activists but they are acting to get lead role in governance. Some also say they are social critics , but they are criticizing to drive home their interest while others are crusaders but their crusade is to better their lot. Those are political progressives who are labelling others to take hold of the centre stage of governance.
Written by Emmanuel Nicholas . aka White Bom Bom , An Artiste, Author,Poet,Social Critics and President Foundation Against Tribalism And Social Vices In Nigeria , (FATSVIN) tel +234 80 333 750 68,81733 75068, email [email protected], [email protected] , follow me on facebook crackdownnews newspaper or Emmanuel Nicholas okokon , follow on tweet @crackdownnews

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