The governors of Rivers and Lagos states have embarked on extensive demolition and reconstruction of several roads in their states.

While the effects of this commendable activity can be seen and felt in the freer flow of traffic and the obviously better looking enviroment, we must not lose sight of some fallouts of these actions.

An obvious one is the often times partial demolition of buildings which are hurriedly "patched" by the landlords with little or no consideration to the structural effect on the buildings.

These buildings are pulled down often at the expiration of some deadline by bulldozers of the contractors who don't have the time nor disposition for finess.

The resulting cracks and other defects are not taken into consideration by most re-builders, and i don't think we should wait until a mass collapse of such structures results in more deaths before we step in.

On the same note, anyone who has even bothered to take in the details of scenery in the movies and news clips from some of the mega cities we are bench marking, would have noticed an obvious flaw in the design and construction of some of these roads.
A lot of the build-up of traffic on our roads is attributable to :-

1. parking issues-- the unavailability of parking spaces has always been an issue and no provisions have been made in the new dispensation for these nor are provisions been made for breakdown lanes on our major roads.One would have expected that since so much is been broken down, we should suffer the inconveniences at once by making such provisions.

2. driving issues-- we consistently find ourselves driving in the wrong lanes and cause traffic build-ups at intersections especially when we need to turn off from one road into another.
This has been accommodated in other climes by providing a turn-off shoulder on most roads in America and Europe. You would find these about two hundred meters from almost all intersections, where a two lane road becomes a three lane road, making it unnecessary for anyone turning off a particular road to hold up traffic unnecessarily.

One is aware that these contractors come from the same places and one wonders why these provisions are left out on our own roads and not theirs.

In conclusion, a review of the designs and even the contractors might just be relevant for future construction works in the country..

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