Democratic Capitalism - the national religion of the American Dream

The American Dream is the national religion of the United States of America. Democratic ideals combined with capitalist principals are perceived as a promise of prosperity for its people in a religious manner, in God we trust. In America, we have faith in the American dream and seek after it for home ownership and as status symbols separating the rich and middle classes from the poor. Rightly, I am sure in other countries as well, the things of life that we do habitually, like providing for ourselves and our families or just conducting everyday business, often interferes with as well as hinders us from being what we should be. Nevertheless, in America, the search for the all-American dream often comes before our doing anything we know we should be doing. In the end, as the children of Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, or God, we will miss the mark of the high calling of God chasing behind the American dream. This is because for the household of God, the American dream is not what life is all about.

Nevertheless, we have become a nation fooled into chasing after the American Dream and the representation of it as god, a false god. Right now, America is more concerned with who rich than doing the right thing. We gladly give to the powerful men, women, and corporations and discourage giving to the poor by making the poor illegal and banning them from our sights. However, the Bible clearly states that giving to the poor is like lending to God and He always pays dividends. Nevertheless, we willingly put our great, great, great-grandchildren deep into debt to please the rich while the poor of our society cannot even get their unemployment benefits.

Although God once tremendously blessed this nation, we loudly denied him every day. By our collective actions, we have made it evident that America does not trust in God. This is why the things America choose to do always interfere with what God has called this nation to do. In reality, America cannot feed the hungry because those running the food distribution organizations will be paid the largest portion of the money given to them to feed the poor. In our righteous desire to obtain the American dream, we awake to a world engrossed in a nightmare. Our society is headed into the deepest crisis we will ever face and everyone is arguing about who got us in this mess but no one can figure out how to stop the descent.

The politicians say they do not want to spend the extra money because unemployment benefits will only make the unemployed lazy. The religious right says that it is not right to help those that cannot help themselves. The Liberal left proclaim their right to do as they please. I am sorry, but as a Man of God I say, “That is b*******.” I do not know about anyone else but I am tired of it. It is time to let our political leaders, business owners, and the ruling elite of the American society how the large poor majority feel. When it comes time to go to the polls every incumbent politician that voted to help corporate America and left the American people in the middle of this tsunami of an economic disaster should be voted out of office. Every senator and congressman that voted for the Iraq War should be tried for treason against the American people.

Our nation and world is on a race toward extinction because the wealthy ruling minority gladly betted against and ruined our lives so they alone could live a more prosperous life. Case in point, the giant too-big-to-fail companies robbed the American taxpayers. However, these wealthy people and powerful companies controlled our economies for centuries. They not only controlled our economies, these corporate Chief Executive Officers betted against the very economy and waged war against the very people that has provided them the means to create great wealth. Then as the bottom fell out of our factious economy, the first and only ones to get any real help was the ones that betted our economies would fail in the first place.

Our elected officials rescued these companies in spite of the crimes they committed. Moreover, more of their crimes are coming to the light every day. Worst yet, our previous elected officials of this fatuous, frivolous, and asinine government of the people, for the people and by the people deserted the people. They committed high treason by playing politics and started a war for big oil then told the American taxpayers to foot the bill. Our elected leaders sold this nation to the rich and powerful lobbyist of the wealthy ruling minority. Too-Big-To-Fail corporations lined our leaders’ pockets with bribes and trips on private yachts. Instead of doing the job that the American public elected them to do, they fought for months about who shot John rather than trying to save this dying nation.

Consequently, this crisis is a disaster of our own making. In spite of seeing the great chasm that existed between the wealthy and poor, we were surprise when the middle class disappeared into poverty. Moreover, the current Global Economic Catastrophe is the consequences of our national deceitful actions. The truth is, in our minds and by our national actions, we do not trust that God really does know what is best for us. Although our money proclaims that we do, the whole world, as well as everyone in America knows the god Americans trust in is called money. We trust and worship money by chasing after that green dollar bill and teaching our children to do the same thing. Therefore, the hand of the real God has come to punish the people of the world for the lies we allowed our nation to sell to them.

For years, the capitalist elite ruling minority profited from others misery, sweat, and blood through physical slavery called work. For years, the American worker has earned a slaves wage for their job while the owner took home a king’s ransom. Moreover, the capitalist elite continue to enslave the masses under the disguise of spreading the capitalistic American dream of being rich and self-centered like them across the globe. In reality, it is a new breed of slavery to the same old Lucifer. In spite of the proclamations from our Americanized false religions, we cannot seek first the kingdom of God by chasing behind the American dream. Man cannot serve two masters. He will love one and hate the other. Chasing after two masters is something American is now answering for.

Yes, America is as capitalistic country. In spite of this, the ruling minority cannot continue capitalizing off our need to live. The ruling minority not only gets richer off the burden of the subjugated majority, they get rich from our consumption and spending. The poor looks up to the rich and strives to be like them then willingly subjugate themselves to a never-ending burden of debt and worries. However, do you know in a capitalistic society, the servant is actually the master? A capitalistic society those that actually have the power are the ones that do the serving and/or working. This is because those served and reaping the benefits depends upon those under them. Now if the subjugated majority refused suppression, what would happen to the ruling minority? They will lose their power because no one will be there to do their bidding. The king has subjects only if someone is willingly subjugated to the king.

The lie told for the repression of the masses conceals the need of one human to feel in control. The truth is we are in control of ourselves. We are the masters of our own fate and the captains of our individual souls but God owns the ships we sail and controls the oceans we travel. Even so, when we willingly or unwillingly surrender that control to a person that is equal to us, we actually are placing the yoke of inequality upon them and us. However, occasionally we stand too close to the forest to see the trees. In life, we are sometimes too involved in trying to solve our problems to see God at work within our situations. Step back for a moment and just check out what God is doing.

Everywhere people are growing tried of those in power taking advantage of those under their care. It is demoralizing for those we trust to abuse that sacred responsibility we place on them. As a result, an uprising is currently brewing among the restricted majority because of the injustice actions of ruling minority. However, what will make this uprising noteworthy is the subjugated majority actually outnumbers the ruling minority one million to one. For this reason, many unheard voices now speak loudly reshaping the world’s view of its veiled history.

Because of the global fiduciary disaster, the subjugated majority can no longer willingly suffer the destruction of everything they value for the satisfaction of and compensation to the ruling minority. Realize, what made Gandhi and Dr. King so powerful were not the words of non-violence spoken rather the willingness to suffer the violence inflicted to get the point across. What points in these difficult times do we need to make and what are we peacefully willing to do to be heard? When we stand up and speak up in spite of the suffering, threats, or violence, we let the ruling minority know that we are actually in control.

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