My people, the fight for restoration of a credible democracy in this our great nation Nigeria is not yet finished. As the southerners, Nigerias, Africas, and the whole world will join me in remembrance of June 12 1993. The day our voting right was denied, our constitution was toiled with, the struggle of our fore fathers betrayed after which MKO paid the price. And we fold our hands and watched be course we cant challenge the military IBB and CO. This was a period our great men were imprisioned, banished, and send on exil becouse of the truth. SHAGARI, OBASANJO, LATE YARADUA, GOOD LUCK who benefited from democracy and MKOs sroguls are still quiet. IBB and CO who are the couse of the whole trouble are roming about as free men while the blood of the democratic hero still ask for vengence, and 2011 is another taget for them to destroy and loot this country to the last end. Should we fold our hands and watch or bring this situation to an end? Can any body give me a good answer?

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