Davido Is OFF The Market! Meet His Girlfriend Funmi Aboderin?!

DavudoGirlfriend_FunmiAboderin3_that1960chickdotcom copy

So yesterday Davido posted the above photo with the caption “Beach tins with ma baby and the crew!” a few days before he also posted another photo with the same girl hiding her face with the caption “Bae Bae”.


On her birthday Davido’s older brother Adewale Adeleke tweeted at her “Happy birthday to my lil sis/ our wife @funmiaboderin???? time to turn up!”

Yes o my amebo/detective skills spied all that!

Funmi is a student of University of Durham in the UK, and a huge supporter of Kids Cancer research. And she is a fine girl, Davido has great taste! But 20 year old Davido announcing to the world he has a girlfriend will not deter the groupies one bit. Microwaveable popcorn hoes will still be on the queue to tell the world about how their one night stand with Davido as well as post pictures of themselves in bed with him. LOL

See more photos of Funmi Aboderin below

DavudoGirlfriend_FunmiAboderin_that1960chickdotcom copy

DavudoGirlfriend_FunmiAboderin2_that1960chickdotcom copy

click HERE for more gist

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