There is a recurring decimal in all the relationship problems involving women. Relationship pages in newspapers and magazines are replete with woeful bemoaning by women who have lost out in the
relationship game. The problem is that dating relationship is being mixed up
with marriage relationship. This mix-up is the underlying factor of most
relationship problems.

Dating relationship is not a marriage relationship. Sexual intimacy is appropriate only in a marriage relationship between a man and woman. Outside marriage, sexual intimacy is not acceptable. This
is said regardless of the possibility of being termed archaic, given the
permissiveness and perversion of our time.

If you analyze the cases of ladies who write to relationship columns in newspapers and magazines and those who use free and paid services to seek for counsel on their relationship problems as statistics, we can safely
say that close to 95% of them are in relationship where they started having sexual
intimacy with those they are dating. In each of the cases, you see the
cart being placed before the horse instead of the horse before the cart.
No reasonable man worthy of a reasonable woman’s hand in marriage would marry a
woman because of her sexual prowess. In all marriages resulting from
sexual intimacy as its foundation, a woman has ended up with a man who is not
worthy of her if she was forced into the sexual act. If she was not
forced, then, you have birds of the same feather flocking together.

It is important to state at the onset that when a relationship has shifted from dating to courtship, it is still not appropriate to indulge in sexual intimacies. In fact, engagement is not a license for
sexual intimacy with a man or a woman. The only license for sexual
intimacy with the opposite sex is MARRIAGE. In this day and age, it is
wise counsel that marriage should be according to marriage ordinance law –
legal marriage. If during the course of building a relationship with the
opposite sex one starts sexual intimacy and the relationship is called off, the
only person whose loss may be manageable is the man. The woman loses
completely and lives her life with a scar that hurts and hounds, even when she
pretends it does not. The men do not go unscathed either. They live
with the thoughts of it and spend their lives comparing their earlier sexual
encounters with the sexual performance of their wives. Experiences in dealing
with relationship problems show that the men suffer also but without knowing
its source. The rich also cry, remember.

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