Matthew 26:30-46

When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. Jesus and his disciples had time to even sing hymns. Singing to God's glory was also important to them. It was not all about going from place to place, preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, delivering the oppressed or even praying.

They also knew the secret in hymns/songs. They went out(left the house/for work) with the grace/energy from the hymns, not just the common 'noisy and graceless' songs or marathon prayers. Let us learn and know when to offer praises to our God. May we not forget our sacred hymns, that are still able to connect us to the Throne of Grace.

Are you offended because of God? Are you not regretting knowing God? Are you not still complaining because the fulfilment of your heart desire has lingered? May we not fall away(deny God) because of persecution, trials, suffering and temptations.

When was the last time you prayed for both your spiritual and political leaders. You will be affected if something bad happens to them. The sheep scatters when the shepherd is down. Is it not possible that your prayerlessness and nonchalance are contributing to the troubles in the Church and nation? Let us wake up.

Bro. Peter took a good decision, not to deny Jesus but may have failed because he relied not on God. How much do we rely on God's grace? Don't we still depend on what we think we have, forgetting that a man's life does not consist in what he possesses? Are we not relying on our long legs, parents, certificates and so on? Are we not relying on malpractice to pass exams?

Without God's grace, we will like Judas, fulfil prophecies not necessarily meant for us and deny Jesus like Peter. Peter may have sworn, beaten his chest, boasted and bragged about the impossibility of denying Jesus.

Like Peter and the rich fool in Luke 12, we may not be able to go beyond 'THIS NIGHT' if we fail to depend on God for survival, but rather in our 'unreliable' abilitities.

'THIS NIGHT' becomes not just a bus stop, but an end or final destination for anyone who fails to depend solely on God, but on his/her own strength. It is only a matter of time.

Gethsemane remains a place to visit with the sorrows/burdens in our hearts/souls. It is a place to find help as we prayerfully drop our cares at Jesus' feet.

The disciples were given a place to sit. All of us are supposed to be occupying our duty posts. Have you not left yours?

Jesus went a little farther. He did not remain with them. We can be better Christians, perfection is attainable. Going just a little farther with those spiritual exercises can do it.

Jesus prefered God's will to His, though He didn't hide His feelings. Let us learn from Him.

Overcoming temptation is only possible when we watch and pray. It puts the flesh under subjection and encourages our willing spirits.

May God not find us with 'heavy' eyes while we are supposed to be alert, watching and praying.

Stay Rapturable.

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