D three (3) …”Pearls:” REASON! FAITH! HUMILITY!

D three (3) …”Pearls:” REASON! FAITH! HUMILITY!


Lesson to be learned…




When God created the pure body of ‘Adam’ he drew it out of the “earth” and breathed into it His sacred breath and said to Gabriel, “Take from the sea of My Omnipotence three ‘pearls,’ place them on a plate of light, and present them to ‘Adam’ so he can choose one. “The three ‘pearls’ were, Reason, Faith, and Humility.


Gabriel presented the plate to ‘Adam’ and told him what God wanted. ‘Adam,’ illumined by the divine light, chose “the pearl of reason.” Gabriel wanted to take back the plate with the two ‘pearls’ it still held to the sea of Omnipotence, but, because of their heaviness, he did not have the strength to lift them. The ‘pearls’ of ‘faith’ and ‘humility’ then said to him, “We cannot separate ourselves from the holy company of our friend ‘Reason:’ without him, we cannot establish ourselves firmly or even exist. During ancient times we were all three the jewels of the mine of Divine Glory; the pearls of the Sea of Omnipotence are inseparable.”


Then the voice of God rang out, “Gabriel, leave the two pearls where they are and return!” So Reason installed itself at the jewel of the human intellect; Faith lodged itself in Adam’s pure and sensitive heart; humility reigned on his holy face.


These three pure pearls are the heritage of the children of Adam. Every child descended from Adam who is not adorned by these pearls and does not shine with their brilliance is shut off from the light and deprived of authentic gnosis.                            



Courtesy: Teachings of RUMI…Re-created by Andrew Harvey




As always!


To GOD be D glory!


Prince ‘lasun

Peace! Shalom!! Salam!!!

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