Cross River State Acting Governor calls Ex-Governor His Boss!!!

With all due respect to the Speaker/now Acting Governor of Cross River State for the peaceful and cordial relationship he is said to maintain between the executive branch and the legislative branch of the state government; I find it very disturbing and even laughable that the Cross River State Speaker/Acting Governor (Mr. Odey) would declare the former Governor (Mr. Imoke) as his boss. How could someone elected into the Legislative Arm of a government call the one elected to head the Executive Arm of the same government his boss? What happened to "Separation of Powers" in Nigerian Democracy? 

Now we know why we have so many "Rubber-Stamp" Legislative Bodies in Nigeria. 
Moreover, even though the Speaker (acting governor) is free to support whomever he chooses in the forthcoming election, he must not lower the office of the Speaker and in fact the legislature to be subordinate to the executive office. Each is distinct (Executive, Legislative, Judiciary) and should be treated as such. Mr. Speaker (acting governor) your boss or bosses are the people of your constituency and the entire state that you now represent. Hope you apologize to your people. 

Finally, to declare that you are holding your current position specifically for the former governor is to imply that you are predisposed to ensuring "at all cost" that your so-called "boss" wins. This in my opinion is a slap on the democratic process and a mockery of the upcoming governorship election in your state. 

In your position as the acting governor you should be neutral and act as the custodian of your people's faith in a free & fair elections. Please take no offense! 
Ben Minikwu, Esq. California, USA

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Comment by Mrs Obiaji MA on February 7, 2012 at 5:56am

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Comment by Ben Minikwu, Esq. on February 3, 2012 at 6:16pm

LMAO! Only in Nigeria!!! Thanks for your comment Ukonwa Irondi but I beg to differ! 

Comment by ukonwa irondi on February 3, 2012 at 1:26pm

Sorry, Ben.......ESQ. a speaker is the number 3 citizen of a state, while a Governor is the number 1 citizen. so the Governor is boss over the speaker. ok?

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