Writing a Cover Letter

Writing a Cover Letter there are a lot of applicants out there who are unemployed, why? This can be attributed to two reasons. One is that they are not getting any jobs due to the current economic conditions. The other can be that they are not getting a job because of the way or process of writing a cover letter.

Why Writing a Cover Letter Important?

Writing a cover letter is the key to getting a successful job. This might sound odd, but sometimes, the employers don’t even go through your CVs. Instead they call you for an interview on the basis of the cover letter that you write. The type and quality of the cover letter matters and it matters a lot.

Cover letters are basically the written documents that you attach with your curriculum vitae, which are more commonly known as CVs. They basically provide a brief overview of yourself, who you are and your past job experiences and skills.

Sometimes it may happen that the CV is of high quality (you order it from best resume writers online) but the cover letter is of poor quality (either it is too long or there is a mismatch between the skills mentioned).

So, always remember that you need to produce a cover letter that fits the job and that is customized to job needs. Writing a generalized cover letter will get you nowhere! Writing a Cover letter in a proper way is the big factor that will decide whether the employer should look into your CV or not.

Categories of Writing a Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter can be categorized into three depending upon the nature of the job (whether it is announced or unannounced).

  • Responding to a job position that is announced in the newspaper or in magazines.
    This type uses an invited cover letter that is included with a CV explaining your past skills. Remember, in writing a cover letter, write it in one-page only.

  • The second type is the uninvited one.
    This type focuses on the sending a cover letter along with the CV for a job position that is not open but you are sending in the CV for some future job prospects.

  • The third type is the ‘’network cover letter’’.
    In this type, the applicant sends in his or her CV through an online mailing address and an intermediary views the cover letter before sending it over to the hiring people or the HR managers.

Writing a cover letter which is personalized and convincing is especially important in this case as the intermediary person is the one who will recommend you to the managers for an interview. You may lose the opportunity to be selected for a job interview if the cover letter contains too much mistakes, etc. Moreover, it has become more important to be good in writing a cover letter and resume as most of the companies have started using the online submission for CVs.

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