jonathan-buhari.jpgCOUNTING ROSARY TO 2015 ELECTIONS

By Emmanuel Nicholas

Gunge war of words , the flute of disharmony of interest have many tribes and region in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria at large have sounded, interest and counter interest homily orated . Tautness is building up by the day like the North Korea and South Korea hunt for war, the impertinent Kim who will kiss the dust just like a fellow banta weight Sadam Hussein of Iraq who swore to turn the United State of America to garbage in seconds did. But in all these the professional politician are burning the nights strategizing both by physical combatant and metaphysics Kandaha , those who believed in the goodwill of the people to gain mandate are few. Some who want to retain their position are giving termite to the constituents in form of kind gesture, in their heart is just a dare devil gift to gain access once more and continue to loot the treasury and never to have the people plight as their passion for service. Those who serves and are worthy of repeating their thrones or promoted to higher pedestal are fast becoming the song of the people, but chauvinist have set in to prevent them from achieving their goals , acerbically they are blackmailing them , painting their whites robes with demonic pseudo from the grave of Osama Bin Laden . Some of these image assailants are grave diggers in their characters as a people but prophesy holiness in Latin of good attributes. One of the major issue used by some engross politician and the crusaders of good leadership is the Zoning of political offices at the national level, in the States, and Local governments Politics is not an exception from this unconstitutional law of the serpents and rat game. Like in Akwa Ibom State, a lot of politician and crusaders are making it look as a looming genocide, preaching it from all altars of Baal and demons , talking with their tongues sounding like bombastic missiles which left one to wonder if they are intrinsically uncouth, naturally uncivilized and innately raw. Indeed, they are fill with filthy and foul language. At the National some are already buying Jets, drones and helicopters to make sure they commandeer power by war and terror. Bomb factories are springing up behind every politician’s house , cloning it as if it’s religious fronts, killing the innocent civilian to raise the template of tension .Buhari have vowed to commit genocide if the masses refuse to vote him to Aso Villa ,numerous APC have emerged from political mergers , some claim to be genuine APC while the other, is a fake APC , but to all I could know , APC is a name of a defunct drug, my grandmother used to take for pains and headache, this made their fighting for the retainership of the name a cowardice mission , as the name does not belong to either Party. One advice I have for my humble President Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, let the on-going power sector reform be successful , give Nigerians power, one billion of Buharis , Tinubus, the Insolent Ameachis or the terror of Agbada Boko Haram and buba and shokoto Boko Haram will never stop you. Nigeria’s rust cannot be corrected in one day, the rust started from our colonial masters, the British, they looted our treasuries, cart away our wealth, till today we Africans pays thousands of pound to go and sight the golden head of the Oba of Benin among other treasures they took from Nigeria. In the early days of oil boom they brought British oil companies and siphoned our crude, using the Northern caliphate as their accomplice, infusing corruption into Nigeria. The short lived Civilian government from Amadu, Zik to Shagari, deepens the crime but the Military dictators worsen the country by legalizing bribery , Buhari and Babagida entrance makes Nigeria a Country addicted to corruption and bribery , Abacha nailed the Soul of the Country to the cross of this menace. How then do men believe Jonathan can change it in one day? It will be suicidal, it will take the carnage of men and women from the age of ten, to erase corruption in one day and allow a new breed of Nigerian from five years to grow. Surely it will take decades to bring Nigeria to sanity, free from Corruption. let people call Jonathan names , you are not a dictator, they say you are a lame dog, is better to be who you are rather than trying to imitate what people want you to be . Mr President, thousands of businesses have folded up in this country because of power supply , give Nigeria 24/7 energy see whether the masses will not send the Boko’s to grave and the Buharis to abyss . Giving Amnesty to Boko Haram is a good gesture, at least for the sake of a peaceful Nigeria, but who are the Boko Haram? when it was given to the Niger Delta Militants, people knew who they were, Boko Haram are faceless, though some of them are roving around Mr President in Agbada and Kaki, it make no sense of killing your government energy in giving Amnesty to those who don’t want it, for you will end up not achieving peace but continuous terrorist attack as your empowerment to them may turn out to be the fund they were needing to acquire more weapons and construct more sophisticated bomb factories. The North is not truthful about the existence of Boko Haram, is just a plot to destabilize your government, impose fear on you so that you will be afraid to contest the 2015 presidential election. How could Tinubu know Boko’s and also discern how to bring them to order in one day?, one should see that these antelopes are tandem in the terror revolution to cause the infirmity in the government of President Jonathan. In Akwa Ibom State, diverse views have been brought in, many are believers of rotation and others are addicts of Zoning. The crusade for who takes over the hilltop mansion is getting messier; name calling is becoming the conduct of lepers who don’t have self-confidence whether they will succeed in their aspiration. Instead of lobbying the potential voters, it has become their escapist indulgence to malign, ganging up with some diaspora destitute, who are street wanderers to blackmail the likes Umana Okon , Nsima Ekere and Bishop Sam Akpan tagging them with unprintable names . These crops of political bandits always make us back home to believe we are primitive in thinking and sycophantic in feats because we don’t share in their interest and unhallowed war against people integrity. they are against experienced candidates, all because an experienced personality like Akpabio will spell doom on them , as they will not be able to skit their fraudulent proposals . Some of them now claimed to be coming home at night and return back to their location at night, I don’t mistrust them for there are so many ways of coming home, it can be by soul travelling, it can also be by bionic metaphysics methodology or by the ancestral Air force trance, so I can’t augue with them. They told us stories written from cave and present them as thriller Novel written from the Sharepears mansion for the unseen bodies. One told me his only grave grieve against Umana is not because of zoning but his experience, that with him no one can trick such government and make some cheap money, this is what majority of them who used ethnicity and Zoning as a tool to kick against his candidature are afraid of . Leaders we want in Akwa Ibom State today are men who are experienced in governance, not men who are novice whose only ambition is to go and make money not working to improve the economy and also uplift the standard of living their people. In 2015 we don’t want sleeping House of Representatives members and Senators, Akwa Ibom need articulate MP’s. In Abak a reputable candidate like Hon Aniekan Umanah , who can speak on behalf of his constituents and also bring home the dividends of democracy , a prudent dude . He is outspoken and exceptionally brilliant. His experience in governance will make him the best representative Abak would ever produce in the history of that Federal constituency because Good governance is about the good processes for making and implementing decisions. Having good processes generally leads to better outcomes for governments and their communities. Good governance is important for several reasons. It not only gives the local community confidence in its council, but improves the faith that elected members and officers have in their own government and its decision-making processes. So we need competent hands and brilliant brain to deliver the dividends. It also leads to better decisions, helps government meet its legislative responsibilities and importantly provides an ethical basis for governance. Good conduct is essential to good governance. So understanding how to promote good behaviour and good conduct in government is important for Law makers. an experienced person will have good conduct on issues relating to conflict of interest and misuse of position, the different codes of conduct and how government is manage won’t be a problem to him. Law makers are elected to represent their constituency, they must not use their positions to gain or attempt to gain an advantage for themselves, this is the kind of leader Hon Aniekan Umanah is , he will work wonders for Abak people . Chief Godswill Akpabio CON will also be there in the Senate, his experience, exposure, courage, integrity, temperance, fortitude, knowledge and Nationalist image will attract great projects to the state and turn around Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district. So why should people who want us to believe that they love the State, search for neophytes instead of trusted hands? Zoning or rotation, what we need today in Akwa Ibom are people who can increase and maintain the development space, even if he is from Eket Senatorial district, but Umana Okon Umana should not be blackmail or ostracized because he is experienced, God and the people will be the deciders not unholy war of Zoning and ‘’over stayed in governance syndrome’’ . We cannot prosper as a people if we fail to embrace those who have what it take to turn around the fortunes of State. The likes of Hon Onofiok Luke should be given a chance to repeat his representation for his people, he has proven his worth. Rt Hon Sam Ikon should be promoted to higher school of representation, the House of Representative, to represent Etinan Federal constituency Life is a continuous chain of experiences. These experiences are good but as it help us live a more educated and productive life. Experience is a key ingredient to success on the job. Experience is the key element to being successful at a job or earning a more desired job. One of the greatest feelings in life is that of respect. With it, your life can feel more important and meaningful. Education and experience allow the individual to build respect from other people for the "trade" that they do So let those who know the business of governance be given a chance to lead so that we can have more productive leaders and fast developing economy in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria at large. Being a leader requires a careful blend of a leadership characteristics and leadership skills. The kind of leader you are depends on your personality traits and characteristics. From being self-confident to having strong initiative, the characteristics that make up a leader are vast and different depending on whom the leader is trying to lead. Being just, dependable and enthusiastic are among the leadership traits. Other integral characteristics of a leader include having good judgment, initiative, courage and endurance. A good leader has the quality to make decisions that everyone can understand. Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution. Akwa Ibom people should sort for these classes of leaders come 2015, not men who cannot offer these sterling qualities, tested and trusted men. Zoning won’t bring uncommon transformation but experience and integrity would do. Written by Emmanuel Nicholas . aka White Bom Bom , An Artiste, Author,Poet,Social Critics and President Foundation Against Tribalism And Social Vices In Nigeria , (FATSVIN) tel +234 80 333 750 68,81733 75068, email [email protected], [email protected] , follow me on facebook crackdownnews newspaper or Emmanuel Nicholas okokon , follow on tweet @crackdownnews

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