Corona virus NBA season suspension interrupts part of NBA 2K20 MyLeague mode

Shortly after confirming that a player tested positive for a new coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19), the NBA season suspension also affected the NBA 2K20 MyLeague mode.

In MyLeague mode, NBA 2K20 players have full control over NBA teams, including managing basketball games. One of the options of the game mode is NBA Today, which allows players to start playing based on the current status and statistics of the NBA in the real world of the selected team. Of course, players will also buy NBA 2K20 MT, in order to better enjoy this game for themselves.

However, players who try to launch MyLeague with this option will cause the NBA 2K20 to crash and send it back to the dashboard of their console. This is because NBA 2K20 will try to simulate the game of the day, but due to the suspension of the NBA season, no game is scheduled. The NBA 2K20 didn't know what to do when a previously scheduled game was lost and caused a car accident.

In the ResetEra forum, which first exposed the NBA 2K20 crash, players compared the issue to what happened in WWE 2K20. When the calendar shifted to 2020, the wrestling match collapsed, although apparently it was 2K Sports' oversight because New Year was something they should see. At the same time, the NBA suspension is an unexpected development, and developers cannot prepare for such a thing.

After Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, the NBA suspended the 2019-2020 season for at least 30 days, just before the team was ready to play against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Since then, two other players have also received positive tests: Utah Jazz swingman Donovan Mitchell and Detroit Pistons center Christian Wood, who faced Gobert a week before the suspension.

The collapse of NBA 2K20 is just one of the many effects of a coronavirus pandemic, as the outbreak continues to disrupt the technology industry. At the same time, as traditional sports leagues such as the NBA, NHL, and MLS suspend seasons, the eSports league may continue with certain adjustments, including moving games from live to online. It is worth noting that ordinary players are best prepared with sufficient Cheap NBA 2K20 MT to play online games, so that you will not be too panic.

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