Life without parents is very difficult to live. Parents are supposed to be there when u need them but sometimes in life we got caught in the bad nightmare.
But if you find yourself in that condition, you need to take a lot of courage to stay in your feet. Do not stay inside your home; keep yourself always busy in your work if you have any. Talk to your friends and find anything that can make you smile.
I think that there is so much in life than just having with your family and friends. If you are unfortunate to live with your parents like me then it's not the end of the world.
You still have your own future and focus on your dreams though it hurts thinking that you have nobody to depend on.
I myself had nobody as early as seventeen years old. I was just drop along the street with my brother and sister and then thank God that He raised us alone in the wooded place.
If you can find one person who will always support your views in life and guide you in the right direction then it would be great.
Never indulge with any illegal acts like illegal drugs and drinking and smoking.
Get organized and focus of what matters to you when you are alone now.
Try to slowly forget what happened in the past.
Think that nobody will stay stone on earth and that we are all going to die no matter what.
We are lucky that we still alive though struggle to find happiness in life.
If you learn how to forgive and forget your bad experience in life then you heart will feel happy and comfortable again. Sometime, things happens for a reason so take the best out of it.

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