Cop lynched for killing commercial bus driver, injuring many

Hell was let loose yesterday at the Akowonjo area of Lagos when a police constable allegedly shot dead a commercial bus driver and wounded a vulcanizer. The policeman was instantly lynched by a mob who overpowered him. Daily Sungathered that a commercial bus fully loaded with passengers was flagged down by a police patrol team, which was reportedly busy extorting money from bus drivers.

The bus driver allegedly indicated that he had already paid his toll and refused to stop. The constable was said to have fired at the vehicle, killing the driver instantly while other passengers including a vulcanizer suffered gunshot wounds.
Sympathisers who witnessed the incident could not hold back their anger as they went after the police team.

How come with successive IGs insisting on the dismantling of road blocks on Nigerian roads, we still get incidents like these every day?
How can a police force that flaunts the direct orders of the IG, have the prerequisite discipline to police the country?
If the IG, has failed to enforce "no road blocks" or "no unauthorized sirens", how on earth does he hope to command a force to stop armed robbers and kidnappers?
These questions demand answers before we can get the kind of police force we can rely upon!!

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Comment by janis ou on July 31, 2010 at 2:15am
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Comment by ralphbayo on July 29, 2010 at 1:15am
its a shame that this is still happening in this country. i thought the police is meant to serve and protect the people, why killing them?

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