THE SCRIPT AS DESIGNED BY THE AUTHORS: USA, Russia, France, Britain, not forgetting China (The West).

 “Look Jonathan, you know you’re from the minority, and the sentimen...

  1. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEL)
  2. Gen. Mohammadou Buhari (GMB)
  3. Gen. Olusagun Obasanj  (OBJ)
  4. Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu
  5. GEN. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB)
  6. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar
  7. Aminu Tambuwal
  8. Gen.David Mark
  9. Emeka Ihedioha
  10. Gen. Minimah
  11. Gen. Ihejirika
  12. Gen. Dan Basau
  13. Alhaji Musa Ya’ardua
  14. James Ibori
  15. Abubakar Shekau
  16. Alhaji Ali Modu Sherif
  17. Alhaji Kashim Shetima
  18. Pastor Ayo Orishejafor
  19. Doyin Okupe
  20. Lai Mohammed
  21. Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala
  22. Allison Madueke
  23. Stella Odua
  24. Festus Keyamo (SAN)
  25. Riki Tarfa
  26. Justice. Lekan Salami
  27. Mike Ozekome (SAN)
  28. Rotimi Ameachi
  29. Mariline Ogah
  30. Alhaji Asari Dokubo
  31. Tompolo
  32. Air Chief marshal Alex Badeh
  33. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
  34. Nwazurike
  35. Sen. Uchechukwu merije
  36. Amadu Ali
  37. Audu Ogbe
  38. Bukola Saraki
  39. Rabiu Kwankwaso
  40. Orji Uzoh Kalu
  41. Teodo Orji
  42. Stephen Keshi




The American government, feeling threatened by Nigeria’s potential growth and resources, came out with the game plan to annex and break our strength which is in our diversity, predicted through their CIA, one of their most funded and respected agency that come 2015, the geographical zone call Nigeria would stop to exist.

 The CIA is one of America’s highly funded, reliable and also credible underground investigative agency with records of successful bursting of syndicates, criminal gangs across the world and the toppling of dictators and breaking countries that try to stand on their way of consolidating and being the only country where things work and their quest to remain the world super power and police (Ask USSR). And now their focus is on Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Lots of their operations and predictions/ claims can be scientifically substantiated, reliable and have a high percentage of accuracy. And with their resources and personnel that give in their all, even if their claims were unfounded, lacking in basics and wouldn’t come to past, they see to it and ensure they achieve their objectives so that their institutions would remain credible, and their country a one and only super power, with a thriving economy. In doing this, they sow seeds that would bear fruits that would resemble their prediction through whatever means, including adopting immoral and shameful methods to destabilize others.

Most times, to get their predictions to come to past, they wouldn’t want to be seen as the discord sowers, they would  recruit selfish and unpatriotic locals that would through their actions and in-actions bring to past their agency’s predictions so as to retain their credibility and supremacy at the expense and pains of others. Ask USSR, ask Japan, ask Germany, Afghanistan and the rest.

In this century, the focus is Africa, and Nigeria is the specific, and they’ve recruited Jonathan and told him

“Look here Jonathan, you know you’re from the minority, and the sentimental odds are on you, we’re going to arm Abubakar Shekau through whatever means to kill your people, and all we want you to do is do nothing you and your military, absolutely nothing if you want to continue playing in our game.”

“Gen. Buhari, You’re a Muslim, from the North, all you and others from the ACF should do is to keep on screaming…

“We want our power back, we want our power back”

“Asari, yours and others from your region is to keep threatening..

“If Jonathan is not allowed a second term!”

“OBJ, you, IBB and the other past leaders: you’ve finished your assignment which was to lay a faulty foundation for incoming leaders to find it difficult or absolutely impossible to operate; now what is left is to keep on dancing shamefully in the market square and weep up sentiment against the government of the day until the bubble is busted.

The National Assembly and the Judiciary:

Your greedy national assembly, corrupt and selfish Judiciary and unpatriotic civil servants would be there stocking the embers of corruption, shameful judgement and defence of corrupt people and receiving of kickback and caring less about the people, the institution and the country.

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala:

We’d trained you for this purpose to deceive the people on the state of your economy. Tell them the economy is working, growing and robust whereas, you’ll be implementing faulty policies that would lay more burden and hardship on the people. Make it completely impossible for the youth of your country to find it difficult to access job, frustrate their entrepreneurial initiatives, don’t border investing on infrastructure, more especially power, share the money to your elite, who were supposed to talk or protest, behave as if all is well and close and block your eyes and ears to the suffering and the hardship your people are going through.

We’ve found a role also for your pastors, Imams and all religious leaders; they’re all in on this.

Some people have been positioned to keep screaming and playing the Christian- Muslim card, while others are to keep screaming marginalisation and sounding the ethnic chants, giving no care about the country, but their personal interest.  

“Doyin Okupe, yours’ is to see nothing wrong in Jonathan’s indecisiveness and passiveness to governance, in fact deceive and tell people that- that’s how Jesus Christ was. He wasn’t bordered with the ills and decay around him.”

“Allison Madueke, deliberately operate a petroleum policy and system that would allowed the military and criminal people to keep on stealing your crude oil, until what you have is total anarchy and disorderliness”

Alex Badeh, yours and Minimah and others top echelon of the military that’d come before you are the continuous degrading of your military, don’t motivate your troops, and discourage them from attacking and fighting Boko Haram and being patriotic. And with all these in place and everyone playing his or her role, come 2015 we’ll once again remain in the accurate prediction and world god that orchestrate how things spins out around the world.

The construct is the imagination and deductions of the author base on his analysis of happenings and the role individuals are deliberately playing that seams detrimental to our country. And of all those mentioned elites and ruling class and others their names couldn’t make it up here, am sure they’re aware of all the ills befalling this country and the threat it’s facing. They’ve so make themselves rich that they can’t even feel the pains and the suffering of the masses. They know what to be done, but they won’t. 

God bless Nigeria.


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