Dear Fellow Nigerians

     The problem with Nigeria is that most Nigerians are too conservative. We resist changes - good or bad - because we are always suspicious of the motives for such changes. This over-cautious mind-set unfortunately has hindered meaningful progress in our collective quest of building a dependable and sustainable nation. We are at this spot in the nation history because can no longer trust the political and religious leadership. Corruption, like a virus has eaten deep into the every facet of Nigerian nationhood. Therefore, there cannot be trust, and insecurity has become a norm; because the insecure has had to defend his life and interest by targeting perceived enemies as the cause of his woes and insecurity. This is the time for the political leadership to reinstate trust in the electorate.

     There is no subsidy on time; hence, I will not bother going down memory lane to show us that Nigerians and their successive governments from independence have always been sceptical of CHANGE. Whenever fate presents us with the opportunity change, the labour leaders and some conservative elements in the ruling government will begin to cry foul of such programmes that will 'in the long-run' lift Nigeria out of the dunghill of poverty/financial limitations; and from being subservient to developed nations and break. Is it not a socio-political paradox for the ELECTORATE to vote for leaders whom they 'believe' can bring rapid economic growth to the nation and later resist an agenda that will stabilise and improve the economy, because it is not popular???

     I am not surprised that the NASS are, ignorantly and sheepishly like weaklings, asking Bro. Joe to revert to N65 per litre. It is political bigotry for our reps and senators not to see the short and long term benefits of Fuel Subsidy Removal. It is wicked of them to bask in the privileges and extravagances of their status at the expense of the economy and comfort of the masses. I strongly believe the NASS should join hands with Goodluck to ensure the palliative measures are promptly implemented to the letter, so as to alleviate the sufferings of the masses.

     Fellow Nigerians, total strike is not the only way out. The strike action, rather than bringing relief is compounding the sufferings of the masses. During the strike, people cannot buy or sell, movement is restricted and many could not access minimal comfort. There is no power, no water, no food, the environment is untidy … for how long will this continue?

I expect labour leaders to lead the masses in TOTAL STRIKE against the bogus and senseless salaries and emoluments government pay to its political and public office holders. What labour should be rallying against is N300 million for dinner sets, N1 billion for feeding in the villa; a governor buying Prado jeeps for each of his rubber-stamp State House of Assembly, and many more. The demand to return to N65 is untenable, and to do so will be irresponsible of the Federal Government, and a confirmation that President Jonathan is a weakling, as alleged by his critics.

     Let us deal with the subsidy issues once and for all, and move forward as a nation. Subsidy does not apply to oil alone – rice, turkey, frozen fish, sugar, wine and other delectable of the rich are inclusive. Who really benefit from the subsidies? It is the cartel of highly influential and well-connected few who are unwilling to pay the right price for the foreign exchange. Germany, France, China, Japan, South Korea, and other sustainable economies have had to deal with their internal issues to get to where they are now. Let us deal with our fears and pains NOW so that our children and their children could have a better tomorrow. Our leaders are indolent and despotic, the cabals and cartels are too given to a life of comfort and pleasure to permit subsidies removal and allow our oil refineries to work.

     Life is transient, but the only permanent phenomenon is CHANGE. There is nothing anyone can do about change but for change. Fear is a kinsman of stagnation, and conservatism is its close ally. Enough of following the bandwagon; the bandwagon effect has not done much for the country since independence. It takes vision and guts to move Nigeria forward economically. With God we can experience good and favourable changes in our economy and polity. This is our year of Significant Economic Changes.

     My apology if I don’t sound like a populist today. Good morning, Nigerians!

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