I read in today's edition of "This day" that EFCC is in claiming to be having some difficulties with charging the "SIEMENS" suspects, especially the fat cows among them to court. This I have to say to this new "cold feet" attitude of EFCC: Well! Well! Well! EFCC so far every right thinking and well meaning Nigerian has given you their unflinching support. But now, these Nigerians are beginning to get weary and also beginning to have cause to doubt EFCC's sincerity concerning these people it referred to as "this class of Nigerians" judging from this disclosure of the new development. This is particularly so because of EFCC's pronouncement that "We have some difficulty charging those who were alleged to have received theirs in cash". If anyone was to guess who these cash bribe takers are, my guess is as good as yours: they are "this class of Nigerians" because they are very clever THIEVES IN HIGH PLACES. However, well meaning Nigerians think that the fact that these clever ROGUES took cash, should not preclude them from swift prosecution: what does the law say regarding cash bribe takers, does this rule out completely the availability of evidence against them? That the cases against former ministers of communications – Chief Cornelius Adebayo & Co – had not been pursued because the agency was still awaiting the transcript of trial from the Munich court, Germany, currently handling the cases, is an untenable excuse to Nigerians, HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO OBTAIN OR PROCURE A COURT TRANSCRIPT FROM A DEVELOPED COUNTRY IN THIS AGE OF TECHNOLOGY??? otherwise, EFCC will be giving the impression to Nigerians that there is an UNHOLY BUT COZY ALLIANCE OR RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EFCC AND CORNELIUS ADEBAYO as well as the other members of "this class of Nigerians" DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN EFCC, otherwise you will lose the existing support and confidence you have enjoyed so far from the Nigerian masses. EFCC, don't forget that you have already established that; "The Munich court trying Siemens case involving this class of Nigerians has told us that they have enough evidence to prosecute it, and has indeed gone ahead with it".EFCC DON'T QUIT ON US NOW, WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU; A WORD THEY SAY IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE.

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