Crime has become cultural in our civilised world. Breaking-News that used to announce serious and special events to the public has become more common than the ordinary ones, announcing crime instead.It used to be unexpected, few and fiendish, but nowadays, it is commoner than our rampant fashion. There is an unhealthy and serious competition on who is a better criminal in the society. A great percentage of men and women see nothing wrong with doing those things that are socially strange, legally wrong, morally sacrilegious, not to talk of the ones that are abominations,biblically.

Personal reasons, ulterior motives and selfish choices have become the defence mantra for many people. Some people even have the guts to produce well concocted, but flimsy reasons for the crime of murder. To them, the reasons for the dastardly act should be prioritized in the consideration process of the matter. In fact, to show the level of insanity predominantly in existence, many have been bewitched and given reasons to attempt suicide. Ofcourse, we know that suicide missions have become a way of life in some regions of the world. Day after day, there are new cases where people enter into settlement agreements for monetary and what-have-you compensation, while they unperturbed, subject many 'innocent' souls to untimely death.

The looting of the nation's treasury by our political office holders has continued unabated, with the culprits refusing to take full responsibilities when nabbed. The case of the Iboris, the sacked bank chiefs; the past and present federal, state and local government leaders and all others undergoing trials in the hands of our anti-graft agencies, are just a very small fraction of the real offenders.Others must have done theirs incognito or are still under the protection of the power of incumbency.

The continued hostage-taking and harassment of Nigerians and expatriates by ransom-seeking kidnappers is going out of hand. The resurgence of militancy in the oil-rich region of the country has rubbished the little attempt made by the goverment to restore peace and improve the living standard of people in the area. Yet, those believed to be behind the menace are claiming innocence. No one wants to be blacklisted or labelled 'the scapegoat.'

The arms and ammunitions that were intercepted recently on different occasions at our ports, while on their way to the nation opened another chapter of the nation's sorry state. There seems to be a higher level of insecurity in our nation as the elections involving our desperate politicians are at the corner. Who imported the arms? Why were they imported?. . . The answers to these and more questions are not far-fetched but everyone is innocent.

The bombs detonated last month, which claimed many lives as the nation was celebrating her 50th year anniversary is already being forgotten.There is an ever increasing reluctance to bring to book the perpetrators. Whatever is retarding the speed of the investigation process is not and can never be justifiable. Just as predicted by many, the process that is supposed to be taken very seriously has been highly and unduely politicized. That brings to bare our ineptitude and loss of the needed enthusiastic ability to grow or even achieve or merely spoken-about Vision 20-20-20.

Generally,there is an increased desire in people to commit crime but a well reduced gusto to take full responsibility of the crime commited, nor even receive the commensurate punishment for the said crime, when they are eventually singled-out as the culpable culprits. An event that occurred in my locality recently, revealed that people find it difficult to publicly or privately consent to a crime they have commited, even when it is to incur very little or no punishment. Unfortunately, people continually indulge in capital offences that should attract capital punishments, while it is not easy for them to take responsibility of offences that are not punishable.

To achieve and maintain a serene society where law and order thrives, much must be done to legislate and enforce, even draconian laws that will put to check, to a reasonable extent, the life-threatening actions of the daredevil criminals. The consequences of every strange action should be clearly spelt out and enforced to the last detail ,if possible. Politicizing and trivialization of serious national matters and the preferential treatment of some so-called sacred cows should be out of it, if we want to succeed in combating crime.

Our armed forces should be well trained and equipped to deal with the problems posed by the 20th century criminals that have sophisticated weapons at their disposal. More money as well as more attention should be put into our security sector. Often times, we hear that our uniformed men ran for their lives, leaving the civilians they should be protecting at the mercies of these heartless set of human beings. The reasons being, the lack the moral standing or ignorance of what to do or even more likely, the possession of less sophisticated weapons to fight with.

When these are done, people will only be left with the option of not just stopping crime, but fleeing from anything that looks like it or can lead to it. On the other hand, any 'die-hard' fellow that eventually commits any crime should be bold enough to consent to the crime and should also be free enough to bear the full weight of the punishment even if it means dying for it, since his or her conscience is dead.

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