Color Of Network Marketing What You Need To Know To Succede

There are four basic colors that make up
Network Marketing, they are Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red. I got this
from a very informative E-book and wanted to share it with you today,
hopefully will help you the same way it has helped me.


Yellows make up 35% of the population. They are nurses, schoolteachers, UN workers … the nurturers. They give from the heart. They don't have time
for themselves, because they give to everybody.

Yellows have built some of the largest organizations in network marketing ... WHEN they have the belief they can do it.

How To Sponsor A Yellow

To color your way to the top, you need to learn to be a chameleon. Yellows don't want to be sold. They don't like pushy, aggressive salespeople.
When you talk with a Yellow, become a Yellow. Slow the pace. Contain
your excitement. Lower the volume. Yellows see excitement as hype, you
trying to sell them. Don’t tell a Yellow about making $10,000 a month,
because they’ll turn right off. Instead, visit with them. Skip the
business. Talk about their family, their kids, their vacation.

Yellows cannot work in stair step breakaway-type compensation plans. They have to be in a plan where you can put people under people and people under
people. They’re best in any kind of “infinity” plan that pays them to
work deep, deep, deep.

They’ll never be happy in a unilevel or a stair step breakaway plan where you put 5 people on your front line, until you hit a certain volume amount, then you put another 5 people on
your front line, etc. Success in this plan requires all your time spent
on massive first level recruiting. This doesn't work for Yellows. MLM
industry stats show the average network marketer only ever sponsors 2.7
people. So if your Yellow sponsors 3 people ... if they have to go 5
wide, then they haven't done anything. But at 2 wide, then they can put 1
of their 3 underneath somebody. And other average people can sponsor 3.
Now you've got some spillover. And then here and there you get a
serious business-builder who sponsors 8 or 10 people a month, and you
get more spillover. When more people work together, you get more
synergy. So THAT compensation plan works great with the Yellows.


BLUE’s “just wanna have fun.” They're 15% of the population. They're always in a sales business of some kind. They jump from program to program to
program, looking for fun. These are the planet’s most creative people. A
Blue sees the big picture instantly. They don't need or want all the
details. Blues can eat an elephant, but not at one meal.

How To Sponsor A Blue

They're same as the Yellows as far as the comp plan. In the same comp plan, they can go deep, to create massive spillover and a lot of stuff
happening quickly for them. That gets them excited, and they’ll stay in
the business. With a Blue, talk excited, get excited. Talk about going
scuba diving, sky diving, having fun, fun, fun. That's what they want.
"Hey, when you meet me at the airport, I'll be wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
You'll know me. I'll have a big, funny hat on." That's what they want
to talk about. They’ll talk about vacations & family, but most of
all they want to talk about fun things to do.


Greens are 35% of the population. They're the analytical people. They analyze it to death. They've missed millions of dollars in opportunities because
they analyzed it too long. Greens can take Blue's idea to the next
level. They work well in any type of complicated compensation plan. They
like to figure out the Super Star Space Commander bonus that's paid out
on the 3rd, 9th, & 12th levels, every other full


How To Sponsor A Green

Greens believe they're the smartest people on the planet. With a Green ... in 2-3 minutes, you'll know you have a Green. They want ALL the details.
You are NOT going to sell them. Don’t even try. They have to sell
themselves. They'll go to the web site, they'll listen to the conference
call. Then they'll go to the next website and the next link. If you
have 27 links on your website, they'll go to every one. They'll read all
the testimonials, all the articles, etc. Enunciate all your words
correctly for a Green. Don't speak too fast. Don't speak too slow. Be
upfront. Give them all the information. Answer all their questions. Give
them more websites to go to. If you call in the meantime to answer
questions, they'll be abrupt. They see that as you being pushy. Let
Greens analyze the information at THEIR pace. In a week or 2 or 3,
they’ll call back for more information or ready to start. They’ve sold
themselves; decided this is the perfect business. Greens want to feed a
Blue the elephant in one meal. And that's the way the Green will build
the business.


Reds are 15% of the population. They are money-motivated, money-focused. Don't bother talking to them about your family or your vacation. They
don't care. They know if you get married, you're supposed to have kids.
If you have kids, you're supposed to go on vacation. End of story. Don't
want to talk about it.

How To Sponsor A Red

They want to talk about the money, the money, the money. Reds do well in a stair step breakaway compensation plan, because they think network
marketing is a sales business. For them, it's sell, sell, sell. In a
stair step plan, they can put 5 people on their front line. If only one
produces, they never go back and put somebody underneath them. They're
just looking for producers, somebody who will build, build, build.

The Red knows that once that first productive person in the first group of 5 hits $50,001 volume, they'll then break away. And the Red's override
drops from 15% to 5%, because the other 10% goes to the person who built
it. That's fine for the Red, because they understand their job is to
find another Red and keep getting those 5% retentions. For them, it's a
sales business. Reds are the corporate CEOs, the "get-the-job-done"
people, the ones everyone in network marketing is looking for. But it's a
fallacy. Reds are just 15% of the population, and they are absolutely
not coachable. They have the biggest egos. They order people around. It

in corporate America, but not in network marketing. When a Red demands that people get on conference calls, he drives his people away. On the other hand, Reds are well-connected. You want to sponsor
Reds because they’ll put you in contact with powerful people. They know
business owners, governors, leaders, etc. So target Reds. But don't dare
think you're going to coach them or mentor them or tell them what to
do, because it's NOT going to happen. Let them do it themselves. You
really have no choice, anyway.

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