Abia State (Aba precisely) is the industrial town of Nigeria. During the 1980's and 90's, manufacturing and trade flourished in this city, and its impact was felt by every Nigerian, this is evident in the fact that; if you have not worn any shoe made in Aba, you would have worn the cloth made in Aba, if neither of the two, then u would have fallen victim of Aba made fake products in drug, drinks and other products. Apart from their creativity, they are also very good in copying or duplicating products. Consequent upon d coming of democracy, the status quo, became had to maintain. Firstly, the government of Dr Orji Uzor Kalu tried its possible best to maintain the industrial status of city, all to no avail, thus leading to unemployment and subsequent criminal activities of the unemployed hungry youths, in trying to restore security, a militia group was formed called the BAKKASSI BOY who killed and reduced the labour force in Aba while some people also flee the town with their investments. His policy favored the people from the Bende area whom are mostly importers of different strata. Apart from that, in the Nigeria political scene, in fact democracy generally, there seem to be a parochial expectation that every individual who emerges on the seat of power should fix and develop his area, the case of Uzor Kalu was not different (this is not bad though but it must not be to the detriment of other more important areas) hence he beautified Igbere his home town to standard. The industrial town of Aba suffered a great neglect, this is not intended to debunk the contributions of Kalu nor is it to cast aspersion to his wonderful achievements in terms road constuction which could not carry the population of Aba (obu okpu isi amagi isi akpu ka obu aguwa adigi nko? Which literarily means is it that the barber does not know how 2 barb or is it that the blade is not sharp) what ever be the case, the infrastructure could not stand the taste of time. We will either blame d the contractor or the government for its wrong choices. Secoundly, the able government of Theodore Orji did not deviate from the lessons thought by his predecessor and name-sake, he beautified Umahia the capital and home town. His policy; I guess relates to education even when most of the government secondary schools have been relegated to the background, not to talk of primary schools which is going into extinction. While it has become a routine to owe government workers for months before payment. In terms of infrastructure, I must say that the government of theodore have tried, those pictures that was published on the Daily Sun News Paper 21 Dec 2012, were roads awarded and constructed by cheap and hungary contractors, the blame must also be on the government's wrong choice of contractors. The dirty town of Aba is relatively dirtier. Thus, since the precedence requires a man to develop his area after acquisition of power, it will therefore be expedient to support an Ngwa to taste the water of political power, considering the industrial importance of this city to Nigeria's development, while more employment opportunities will be created as a result of expanding the Aba market through the building of more infrastructure and the maintenance of the old ones. Note that, the creation of employment in Abai state means less kidnapping and other criminal activities even without military personel. On the contrary, most people in Aba especially the visitors are very much afraid of an Ngwa man who is naturally selfish and greedy, because he would revoke the lands and other properties they sold because of their extreme love of money, this is examplified by the former commissioner of land, the son of Eze ikonne, who made an attempt to revoke all tha lands in Aba that was sold to the visitors. Therefore, the Ngwa community should convince the electorates that they are safe in their hands. In conclusion, it is the emancipation of a good Ngwa governor that will restore development, trade manufacturing. security etc to the state because every family in Abia state has a family member resident in Aba.

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