Clean up contaminated flooring tips

For cleaning up polluted by composite wood flooring, we provide two tips for you:

With candles. The rest of the candle burning accumulates, when the collection to a certain amount, the minced remove the wick, saying the amount added in the same amount of turpentine wax, placed in cold water pot containing boiling watertight, candles melt, stir into the pot cool reserve. To make it easy to clean the floor and effort, before using floor wax can be a little hot.

Self-made lotion. In the soft soap, fuller's earth, soda in a large pot each 450 grams and 2270 ml of water are mixed thoroughly and boil them and boil to half its original volume, then cooled and stored in tanks in the back. With a stiff brush dipped in this liquid stain brush clean the floor, usually along the lines of the floor brush, and then washed with hot water and dried.

Salad oil, milk and tea. When scrubbing, the water and add a few drops of salad oil, can make the floor very bright. Or with sour milk, add a little vinegar, not only decontamination, but also to rub very bright. In addition, dirt paint on the floor, wipe the available tea juice. With burnt briquette ash wipe stains on the kitchen floor, and then sprinkle a little vinegar in the mop to wipe the floor, it is very easy to get rid of stains.

Concentrated alkaline. Grease like traces of oil on the floor, concentrated aqueous alkali solution can be boiled stone washing, bleaching earth and then covered with a synthetic hot dough on the stain, then wash and maintain a night, can be repeated if necessary .

Salt. Egg traces left on the floor, you can sprinkle some salt in the egg stick at, sweeping over 10-15 minutes, it is easy to remove trace eggs on the floor.

Tape and vacuum cleaner. Glass fragments scattered all over the floor is very dangerous. If the naked eye can see, with regard to the adhesive tape stick together; if into a powder, wet cotton should pick up, or sprinkle some rice, which is glued together, and then to pick up the vacuum cleaner. On a glass floor can also be spread by rubbing block wet bar of soap, glass crumbs will stick to the soap bar, to keep it then scraped until it clears its conclusion.

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