Clash Between Motorcyclists and Nigeria Soldiers in Nasarawa State

Clash Between Motorcyclists and Nigeria Soldiers in Nasarawa State

There have been a clash between the Motorcyclists which is well known as Okada Riders  and Nigeria Soldiers in Nasarawa State, the reason for this clashes is because the motorist complained that the soldiers has been collecting a lot of money from them since they started been on the Nasarawa – Abuja expressway, and the complained that the government is not doing anything about it.

The soldiers moved there because there boko Haram bombed the year 2014, that gave way to the military to take over the area for security propose and ever since then the military has been keeping the area safe from the attack. although the government has claimed that they have ended the attack of the terrorist attack in the area. We motorist is complaining that the extortion is too much and they need the soldiers to stop.

The okada riders who has been paying N500 to the soldiers everyday is wondering that how much do they make in a day that they will be paying the soldiers N500 everyday MORE STORY READ

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