CHIBOK GIRLS: We’ve begun fresh bid to rescue Chibok girls- FG

As at today, it is reasonable to believe that there are no more Chibok girls, the school girls that was kidnapped by BH some years back have now resigned to their fate. They are married to members of the BH, and Nigerians, particlarly the FG should take note that BH will never negotiate or trade their wives away for some other imprisoned BH members. The deal will never be struck ! , this is very evident in Amina that was rescued by the NA, she said it all, she misses her husband, no matter how bad or criminally intent a man is, the wife will never want to be separated from her husband. It might surprise many Nigerians who read this post, but the truth is that, lets play this issue down, and at the right time, the missing girls (now married with kids) will visit their parents. BH husbands will now see their own activities as not attractive anymore, because of their wives and children. As for me, the deal will never work.

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