cheap lingerie plus size Generous breasts.

PEEK: Sensual cleavage.

LINGERIE: cheap lingerie sites Bras with seams for the best shaping and to smooth out any bulges. Look for a combination of lace and fabric to vary texture and light patterns.

HIDE: lingerie online shopping Small breasts.

PEEK: A graceful neck and shoulders.

LINGERIE: Triangle bras, bustiers and camisoles reveal the curve and beauty of the shoulders. Strapless and halter-style bras work well for backless fashions. Look for delicate design details in bra straps.

HIDE: Large derriere.

PEEK: Small of the back.

LINGERIE: Slips and chemises cut on the bias with a tapered back will flow beautifully, while light and shadow play in the undulating fabric. Briefs with details and cutouts in the back create shadow and light, while stretch lace creates interesting textured outlines.

HIDE: Flat derriere.

PEEK: Legs.

LINGERIE: Thongs elongate and extend your leg. If you like stockings, try a garter belt or ruffled brief with a built-in garter belt to draw attention to your legs.

HIDE: Too much tummy.

PEEK: Arch of the back.

LINGERIE: Look for high-waisted, retro-style knickers, so the elastic doesn��t cut into the part you want to hide. Briefs with a centre supporting panel and sheer side panels and back mask your tummy and create intrigue through textured shadows, guiding attention to your lower back.

Extracted by Claire Coleman from Paris Undressed: The Secrets Of French Lingerie (see book offer, above).

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