Change Your Energy to Attract Success!

Your dream is gone, the reason is that you had a horrible accident No BS Manifesting Course Pdf Review  and could no longer compete. An excuse looks a lot different. Let's say you have the same, dream and same goal of winning the 100 meters at the Olympics. An excuse is, "I'm too tired to get up to go to training today." "The weather outside is not good, looks like it might rain, I don't want to catch a cold." "I trained extra hard yesterday, so I can have a rest today."

The aspect that is missing in the example above is that if you have the DESIRE there are no excuses. If the ultimate desire is to win the 100 metres, as apart from simply a goal, then you will overcome excuses put them to one side and do the tasks, plan the activities and push forward to many goals to get closer to that which you desire. Desire is much more powerful then a goal. Find out what your desires are, these the keys to your life, these desires are what will drive you and provide you with consistency and through that you will have direction in your life and much success.

No matter how sophisticated our society becomes, superstitions persist in having an impact on success or failure. There seems to be part of the human mind that thrives on creating little anchors of "magic" that lift us up or bring us down independent of rationality. Though the clearly logical part of our thinking can easily dismiss the practice or belief in superstitious activity as silly quirks, our less rational creative mind goes to work incorporating whatever we feed it to gain or lose an edge in using faculties consistently engaged in solving problems.

Sometimes positive change is difficult to achieve, but it is certain that success will not be due to anything other than performing the right actions at the right time. Whatever we do in preparation for that appropriate timing should be practiced with a clear eye for cause and effect. Though our spiritual practices can provide us with comfort during difficult times and provide inspiration, it is how we interact with others and apply our inspirations which will carry us forward to beneficial results.

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