Change Your Attitude to Achieve Your Dream

This mechanism is also present in Humans. Success is as natural to Humans Zen12 Review as it is to the rest of Nature. So why, then, do so many people fail, or worse, don't try at all? Once a prince asked a wise man about a tip for success, the sage said, "Success is to go places, see the wonders of the world but be always mindful of one's primary goal, whatever it may be." How many of us ever sit and calculate our gains and losses regularly, or how many would even try to be other than what they were born into?

There always has been a disagreement over the fixation of rules for achieving success, as 'to everyone his own' seems like a better option. Success is not to have what others never had; rather it is to achieve what we never believed ourselves capable of achieving. Whenever someone discovers or invents a fresh path or sets up a new perimeter of achievement, he is setting a norm for acquiring success in life. Rather than letting circumstances or people decide what you should do, or what to achieve, decide for yourself.

Alexander became Alexander the Great when he decided to push his limits. His expansionist policy blew off the imaginable horizons of his era and so he subdued half of the both known and unknown worlds. Thinking according to the set pattern of a time may make you the personality of that particular age, but thinking out of it will for sure make you an idol for the future generations.

Adapt, do not overly adopt. This is a simple tip for success. Adapt not at the expanse of your individuality; let it come as a means of rescue from wandering away from reality. History bears testimony to the fall of individuals and nations who neglected to take heed to the changing trends of their era. In 19th century, the European dream of colonizing half of the world came into realization not because they were too strong, but it owed to the failure of colonized nations to adapt to the changes taking place around them. They fell due to their ignorance.

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