31st January 2010


Champions for Nigeria (CFN), a registered global organisation, based in the United Kingdom wishes to pronounce our unalloyed solidarity and support for the government of Governor Babatunde Fashola, Executive Governor of Lagos State. In the face of orchestrated campaign of calumny against the best civil administration and governance in the political stratosphere of Nigeria in recent times, with visible evidence of progressive leadership and executive responsibility, socio-economic growth and macro and micro- stabilisation, we reject all the phantom lies of recklessness peddled against Gov Fashola.

It is in no doubt the handiwork of forces of evil and backwardness, who are confused about the achievement that has been recorded by the BRF administration in a space of 2 years to the wide acclaim and admiration of Nigerians home and abroad and also the international community. The effort of these detractors is openly aimed at slowing the momentum of progress in the state and to cause unwarranted distraction to the development agenda of the Civil and modern administration of Lagos state under the leadership of Gov. Babatunde Fashola.

Governor Fashola has demonstrated times and again his love for the people of Lagos state and he has communicated his policies and programme in a very transparent manner at different fora with Lagosians and people of Nigeria in the Diaspora. He has secured an understanding of the people to deliver on the dividends of democracy to Nigerians in the most populous city in Nigeria. With the results on the ground, he has demonstrated that governance is not business as usual to the satisfaction of Lagosians and Nigerians far and wide and for the first time in many years Nigerian have a state to be proud of because of this visionary and selfless leadership of Gov Fashola. He retains our confidence in the use and appropriation of taxpayers funds as deemed fit within the context of his development agenda and Lagosians are not fools not to notice the transformational influence of his administration at every corner of the state. Governor Fashola administration has become a benchmark for progress and state administration and a blue print for modern day style of governance, proactive, responsive, responsible, moderate, creative, fair and approachable.

Champions for Nigeria CFN, as an organisation that promote excellence, leadership, dedication, commitment and accountability therefore reject all the peddled and sponsored stories of misappropriation by faceless people against the administration of Governor Fashola. We emphasised that what we see on the ground is a tip of the iceberg in terms of physical, moral and social development of Lagos state and certainly it drowns every effort by mischievous group of people to tarnish the well earned image of our dear governor. We will like to remind those in the business of carrying rumours and vendetta against the governor, that our support, indeed Nigerians support for BRF is not personal but it is symbolically spiritual given that the administration of Gov Fashola entered a contract of good leadership and purposeful service with Lagosians and we have no reason regardless of what is peddled or written, to think that he has let us down.

We would therefore strongly advised the detractors of this administration to find another volition elsewhere as Nigerians home and abroad are pleased with the pace of progress in Lagos under this administration and our support and recognition of his achievement is profound.

Champions for Nigeria (CFN) ask the questions...WHO IS AFRAID OF FASHOLA? WHO ARE THE ENEMIES OF PROGRESS IN LAGOS STATE? WHO ARE THEIR SPONSORS? Nigerians are in support of His Excellency, Gov Babatunde Raji Fashola and his developmental, visionary and productive leadership of the state.

Long Live Nigeria, Long Live Lagos State and Long Live Champions for Nigeria.

Dr Olayiwola Ajileye Media & Publicity Coordinator
Mr Bernard Imarhiagbe UK Coordinator
Mr Moses Dada Gen Secretary
Mr Akintokunbo Adejumo Global Coordinator

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Comment by Ikem on February 1, 2010 at 10:05am
Anybody distracting fashola now for whatever reason is an enemy of the people of lagos state and should be so treated. whether anybody likes it or not no governor from the days of jakande and mbakwe has equalled the record of this man in three years. All evil men trying to distract this man at this time will be shamed. Fash, please remain focused. the almighty will surely be with you. Their attack will surely end up in vain for they shall be woefully shamed.
Comment by Akintokunbo Adejumo on February 1, 2010 at 9:49am
The Real Chukwuka Nnamani's Wife. I am sorry but I dont see the relevance of your comments to this issue.

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