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Going Global in 2018? Hot Marketing Secrets for Professionals

To grow a business or globally, you need a translation strategy that breaks down communication barriers not only with customers but also entire global organisations.

Businesses have many different motivations for translating content for international audiences. It may be to facilitate an overseas business partnership, or to expand their market reach and sell to global consumers.

As businesses expand across borders, partnerships between companies and global organisations have become more commonplace, both locally and internationally. Corporations continue to broaden their reach and target markets, which increases the need for communication and engagement among foreign business partners, investors, stakeholders, and clients.

To be able to communicate with someone effectively, you need someone that shares their language and culture, as well as knowing yours.

For example, in France, there is a delicious breakfast pastry called “pain au chocolat”. These are not generally available in the United States, though they are starting to be more and more. A French writer with a good command of English, but not aware that Americans may not be familiar with this item, may translate it as “bread with chocolate”, which would clearly not communicate the concept to an American audience. It would be much better to keep the French term and provide a brief description, “pain au chocolat – a French chocolate puff pastry”. This is something a native translator would know to do.

At Novatia Translations NG, we are renowned for our professional approach to diverse translation and interpretation needs. We translate business and legal documents, CVs, mobile apps, researches, adverts and so on to over 50 international languages which include: French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Russia , Arabic, Polish, and so on.

The language of business is the language of customers. Call our help-desk on 080-3753-1249, 081-1445-6164

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Fantastic innovation in Nigeria!

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