By: Rosauro M. Angeles

Source: www.beefilipino.com

 Cavite City or Ciudad de Cavite, initially founded as a town in 1614, is the premier and most progressive city in the Province of Cavite and perhaps in the entire Philippine archipelago.

The hook shaped peninsula, whose early inhabitants are the “Tagalogs”, is not only the center of business and commerce, but also the capital of the province. Day and night, the city knows not how to sleep with music of laughter and merriments abound in every place.

That was five (5) decades ago. Cavite City is now a dying city who has already lost its glorious days.

Stark poverty creeps in almost all corners of Cavite City. Unemployment is high and the continuing rise of hunger incidence is frightening with crime rate steadily increasing


No wonder that a great number of children can no longer finished high school much more to pursue higher education. I am so sad, indeed, that what was once a premier city is now a strong candidate vying to become one of the poorest cities in the Philippines. 

Cavite City, now a fourth class city in Cavite province, by road lies 35 kilometer southwest of Manila with the town of Noveleta stands as its border in the south.  Bacoor Bay and Canacao Bay, both small parts of Manila Bay encloses Cavite City in the southeast and northeast respectively. 

 The heroic people of Cavite City with all its courage and active participation to defend our country in restoring democracy during the dark days of foreign colonization are crying for help.

Help but no real help is coming forth.

Are we happy just staring at a city whose lights of hope is dimming by the day? Are we happy to see pale people whose meek little voices are being drowned completely by the lack of concern and insensitivity of government officials…city, provincial and national government.  


The mutiny of 1872 at the arsenal de Cavite, the Thirteen Martyrs of Cavite, the composer of Philippine National Anthem (Julian Felipe), the role played by Don Ladislao Diwa in the founding of KKK and the innumerable lives offered by unselfish freedom fighters of Cavite City had dotted our Philippine History with so much blood.

The province of Cavite is so proud to be regarded as one of the most progressive provinces in the Philippines. It had virtually forgotten that it has brethrens in Cavite City that was totally left out in the province speedy and steadily march for progress. 

Is everybody deaf, blind and so pre-occupied not to see the daily struggle for subsistence and sufferings of myriad of people in the isolated peninsula that jutted out into Manila Bay?

Are you waiting for the brave souls of our Cavite City heroes to rise up from their graves and start a war against poverty?

The Philippines have seen the rise of prominent people from Cavite to the center stage of politics like the Likes of Prime Minister Cesar Virata, Senator Panfilo Lacson and father and son Senators Ramon Revilla Sr. and Ramon Revilla Jr., but we had yet to see a valiant knight who will extend a helping hand for their brethrens in Cavite City.

To read more, here is the link: http://www.beefilipino.com/politics/cavite-city-philippines-dying-city

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