Cashless Nigeria Business Opportunity


1. What is CNB or CnigB

Cashless Nigeria Business (CnigB) is for any one who needs to make extra income with your mobile phone while in your living room. It is an opportunity brought into Nigeria by the CBN Government for all Nigerians to be financially liberated.


2. What type of system is CNB platform running on?

Yes. CNB has a payment position WINDOW system, That will help you track your income as they come into your mobile or CNB e-wallet


3. How many WINDOWS does CnigB have?

CnigB has ONE WINDOW system of only three entries.


4. Does it have a pre-window?

This is wonderful. CnigB does not have a pre-window. This is the fastest and easiest window system in the world today.


5. How many people does the window need to fill up?

The window only needs three entries to cycle out.


6. What is the cost of membership?

The cost of membership is a one-time payment of N2000


7. What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payment through Liberty Reserve and CnigB e-Wallet. You can fund your CnigB e-Wallet through Mobile phone wallet or through Liberty Reserve.


8. How many people do I need to sponsor?

This is the best part. It is not compulsory that you must bring in someone. Infact you may not need to bring anyone if you are on a smart window.

  • ( REG FIRSTNAME LASTNAME 001738  (from any network) Example: (REG OLU SUILAMAN 001738 ) you will receive an SMS (With your default Pin)
  • Change your pin and;
  • Once you tell your friend to activate his / her mobile phone, you get instant N300 in your CNB account


9. How much do I receive when I introduce just three people?

When you introduce three people all by yourself, you are paid N300 X 3 = N900 as instant compulsory cash bonus. Then CNB places you on a member board where you can earn additional N4,000 over and over again into your bank or mobile phone wallet account for a job well done. This is a rare opportunity. start now before the rush becomes too much.


10. How do i receive my cash?

You will receive your money through any of the following ways depending on the one you choose:

  • You can receive your cash instantly on your mobile phone e-wallet account
  • You can use an ATM to receive or collect your money
  • You can use Liberty Reserve to collect your money
  • You can Recharge your phone with your instant cash and get up to 5% bonus on airtime purchases on all networks
  • You can transfer your money to any bank account of your choice
  • You can pay your DSTV, MYTV,HITV, PHCH (NEPA) bills - Prepaid and post pad with your cash
  • You can register other users with your cash
  • You can buy your travel or airline tickets and book hotels with your phone on the web and get discounts
  • You can access your money anything, anywhere and always
  • You cash is convenient to carry around and its secured
  • etc


11. What is the advantage of using our platform?

This is a one time payment activation system. You can easily make your profit and track your income online or on your mobile phone if you do not have access to the internet; And as cool cash enters your wallet account as many times as possible it is easy to monitor - I assure you in one day you can make N20,000 daily


12. Can I open more than one account?

Yes, you can open multiple accounts in CnigB. There is no problem with that. It is only that you must open them with different user-ids. However, remember that multiple accounts only make the system slower. The system works faster when it is people mobile phone oriented rather than when multiple accounts oriented


13. What happens when I have succeeded in referring three people on my own?

The system is automatic. It automatically put you back into the systems. And you keep earning bonuses, commissions and benefit as new members activate their mobile phones.


14. How can I promote or market CnigB to other people?

Just tell your friends and family members to activate their phone using this format - Type:

  1. REG OJO SULE  001738 – Send 20220 for those using MTN Lines
  2. REG OJO SULE  001738  – Send 20220 for those using AIRTEL Lines
  3. REG OJO SULE  001738  – Send 20220 for those using ETISALAT Lines
  4. REG OJO SULE  001738  – Send 31020 for those using GLO Lines
  5. etc

REG FIRSTNAME LASTNAME 001738  (from any network) Example: (REG OLU SUILAMAN 001738 ) you will receive an SMS (With your default Pin)

  • Change your pin and;
  • Once you tell your friends to activate his / her mobile phone on our website (, you get instant N300 in your account




Yes, of course! There is re-cycling in the system. Once you join, you will keep recycling and recycling and recycling with tons of money for you for as many times you were able to recycle in the system. This is a continuous way of rewarding all members for their efforts.



Yes, our marketing group implemented what is locally called the JUMPING OUT OF THE WINDOW in the CnigB system. This means that you may jump over a lazy account and jump into the leadership position of your team window in less than 24hours. The implication of this is that, it is possible that if you join now, you can earn over N20,000 in a few hours -if you find yourself in a dynamic window team. This is indeed a great facility for all who desire real and unfailing financial freedom and quick-source information packs on mobile phone cash flow as Nigeria goes cashless



The CnigB is relatively new and very exciting; it is built in line with the CBN Policies on building a cashless society with tens of thousands of members who have already been paid their cash reward, and a localized collection of satisfied members currently from 36 states and still counting. Join quickly and be among the privileged few to know who is an agent in your locality. You will keep re-cycling and earning tons of Naira even when you are sleeping or in the toilet, money just enters your phone... POWER OF CASHLESS NIGERIA BUSINESS.



You can join CnigB from any country in the world. So long as you have a Nigeria mobile Number which CnigB will send your cash into once the phone is activated.



For more information call: 07033499656 or send an email to: [email protected]


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