Can you pass out from a panic attack?

When you befall a panic attack, you actually have one real fear and additional fear that you yourself created. Although you probably do not have control over the initial fear, you can learn how to control the additional fear since the latter fear is the one that makes the first fear there. Another fear keeps your panic attacks in life, other fear makes you constantly anxious and fearful.

Each person in their life from time to time experienced this first fear. The first fear, as we call it, comes reflexively, almost automatically, and is associated with a real danger that threatens us. We can say that this fear is “normal “, we accept it, understand it. React properly and the fear passes. However, when a person is anxious or experience that fear, that person does not react like other people, but the response of such a person is much more intense, just because his/her nervous system eventually became sensitive to external stimuli.
The anxious person adds a “touch of ” additional fear to the first fear, even though he/she does not even notice, and for the anxious person these two fears are actually one fear.

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