The other day there was an interesting post by a friend on Facebook about the different meaning of the different types of kisses. The title is what each kisses mean.
A kiss on the forehead means we are cute together. A kiss on the cheek means we are friends. A kiss on the hand means I adore you. A
kiss on the neck means I want you now. A kiss on the shoulder means you
are perfect. A kiss on the lips means I love you.

These descriptions of kissing different parts of the body are quite apt and suggest clearly activities outside the dating stage or level of

During dating, you are merely meeting to get acquainted. For the dating experience to be worthy there should be no physical connection or intimacy between the partners. Kissing clearly
connotes physical intimacy. It is well known that if physical intimacy
is introduced before marriage in a relationship, it destroys that
relationship, short circuits the learning opportunity and the ability
to objectively select a possible marriage partner.

The religious injunction for moral cleanliness is critical and helps couples when married to enjoy peace of mind and increase trust and mutual respect,
two critical ingredients of the foundation for joyful relationships. At
the chance of the being labeled puritanical, it still need be stated
that moral purity more than a religious jargon when it comes to the
real desire of people when they plan to go into a relationship. The
desire is always to have a chance to enjoy life, enjoy sexual intimacy,
and build a family you can proudly declare as yours. It is interesting
to note that while are wishing positive on this subject, most people
think and act negatively. They either consciously deliberately takes to
these acts believing or deluding themselves that it is their rights to
do so or they are cajoled beguiled or deceived into doing so.

Kissing arouses such an intense feeling and desire for sexual consummation that it is difficult to know where and when to stop. So if you kiss during
dating, you cannot avoid full sexual intercourse or premarital sex even
if you wanted to. Secondly, kissing is physical intimacy activity which
is reserved for married men and women. Thirdly, kissing during dating
is wrong morally. However, the worst part of the challenge of kissing
during dating is the fact that it would make it difficult for you to
use your senses the way you should use them during dating in order to
ensure that your judgment of your partner's suitability for deeper
relationships such as courtship and marriage would be adversely

Dating is a time to know who you are dealing with. Knowledge thrives in objective analysis. You cannot be objective in dealing with a person you are physically intimately connected to. Do
you wonder why in law, husbands and wives of Christian marriage cannot
serve as witnesses for one another. This is because the objectivity
required to serve as a witness is drowned in the deep physical intimacy
of the marriage union.
In the light of the above reasons, the answer to the question of whether you can kiss while dating is capital NO.

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Comment by UWADIA OROBOSA on November 3, 2010 at 10:40am
Let start by appreciating you for this wonderful piece. May God continue to increase you in wisdom and strengthen you, Amen.

Comment by Ezechukwu, Ikechukwu on November 3, 2010 at 8:20am
good piece.

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