I get exited somewhat with all the euphoria about Anambra State Elections coming up soon.it is such a dilemma of arrangements for this election when Nigeria seems sunk into a political constitutional quagmire in the cent re.What kind of election can we have? What kind of voting awaits Nigerians is soon to be seen.For some of us that are burdened by higher education in an environment where mediocrity is celebrated,the prospect of any election is bleak. There again it depends on how you define election and who you are talking to. Of course when you are talking to those who are indifferent you can promise yourself a desirable confusion.

Democracy is defined [Richard Pius, Encarta 2009] as a political system in which the people rule through a form of government they choose to establish.From the foregoing democracy cannot exist without freedom of choice.The people must choose.The people must be allowed to retain the capability to choose. Will Anambra people ever be able to chose their leaders? Who will be the umpire,which constitution will be used,who will publish the results and how will complaints be handled.The people are already excluded by the military constitution,by the constitution of INEC,by the mode of governance adopted by a 'usurper' government in power at the centre,by the security arrangements and all else.Under this environment participation in this election is the crime- for you stretch out your hands voluntarily to the devil and he will surely overwhelm you with a power that is unimaginable. So do not complain about rigging if you chose to join the coming charade.You had your warning!

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