Can A Life Coach Make You More Happy?

Since the dawn of time, many philosophers have been asking the big question…”What is the meaning of life?” And what does it mean to be happy? Very often people assume that the goal of life is to be happy but some would argue that this is a fleeting experience. Just ask any Buddhist and they will tell you that happiness comes and goes and that their goal is to be content.

Often when I meet with clients during my life coaching sessions I tend to see them fixate on the idea that they must be happy. But when I dig deeper into their psyche, what comes out is that they really want balance in life with happiness being one of those things. What many people conclude is that having good health, positive relationships, and a meaningful career is what really brings them a sense of fulfillment.

I did a survey and asked my clients their thoughts on this subject and here is what they said:

Legacy is way more important than what needed to go after to have a good life. The selfish idea of satisfying oneself by working hard to achieve excellence (and help others in the process) is a narrow vision compared to building healthy relationships with those around you.

Only Jesus makes life good! All goodness flows through Him to others. He came to give people eternal life, which is the quality of time. It is the life of God. My life has radically changed after I came to know Jesus, my heart is filled with peace and joy. I am thankful and can eat and drink with contentment. It doesn't stop there because Jesus promised those who follow Him will enter an eternal heaven. My Christian life coach even discussed this.

The meaning of life is this:

Humanists were asking that question when I was a child, they are still asking it now that I am old. Each time claiming to have the answer. Each time the answer being different. I for one, am not interested in my life being part of an experiment. I've been given 1 life in the world in which to get it right.

Before anyone can get anything about life right, they must get the origins of life right.

If one's starting point is that their origin is from nothing, by nothing, for nothing and to nothing, it is likely that they will get nothing right in life.

If however, one's starting point is that they are created beings, living in created world, then they now have a self-evident truth on which to build.

The challenge then is to discover who this Creator is and what He requires of His creation. The Bible claims to be a testament from our Creator. His command to His creation being that we love God, obey His Commandments and love our neighbor as ourselves.

That same testament from our Creator says that love is sacrifice. Not desire, certainly not lust, nor a warm fuzzy feeling. We sacrifice selflessly for what we love.

The Bible also states that our Creator will teach all who come to Him in humility and contrition. That the very Spirit of God will indwell us and lead us into all truth, if we make ourselves a suitable dwelling place for it.

The Created, seeking answers about itself, without a Creator is futile and it is folly.

Mankind putting himself in the place of God is the source of every evil in the world since the beginning of time.

But don't believe me. You must discover these truths for yourself which is why its necessary to hire a life coach.

I pray that I may at least have pointed someone along the right path.

Soon you will realize you were just exposed to pseudoscience. And a real benevolent delivery of half-truth. Individual human life is nuanced to say the least. True individuals need to be alone in the same way that sleep is required. A balanced sane individual sleeps at night and has a mind of his own. Because of that he or she has a capacity to be fulfilled in every moment regardless of status of one's relationships.

One simple scientific fact left out of this discussion: We all face death alone. Better hope you have some practice being alone. Being comfortable with yourself and having some level of maturity in your relationship to your fate.

I know this study was started over seventy years ago, but the fact that all the subjects are/were men is such a missed opportunity. I know the sample size was already small but you just can't generalize these findings to all of humanity (which was apparently the goal) without input from half the population... the lived experiences (and therefore sources of happiness) of men, women, and all others on the spectrum are so different than just the experiences of cis white men.

We have seen lots of social media icons fall into disarray and succumb to depression ; some due to the overwhelming attention that is crippling, and others cuz they desire solace and be live privately as a normal person. What was intriguing about the video is that the numbers of friends is irrelevant, but the quality of those relations is what sustains us as human beings. I consider myself introvert to an extent simply because I choose my battles and desires solitude at times. But never have I thought of severing my relations to those I trust and depend on the most. I keep in touch and ask about their lives and that makes me happy. When the going get tough, I find them by my side. If you can find at least one person standing by you in your worst ordeal, then you, sir, are a happy person simply because you have "quality" in your life.

One of the best trigger of satisfaction is grateful for what you already had. Too bad grateful is like a talent, I think. Like a prodigy but last entire one's life. And sir, a little point you miss with this research is "happy for being useful to our beloved ones." I think that's the heart of this research. A mother naturally would always be a mother to her kids no matter how much money, how old is she, but when her kid needs her she always be there. Useful for beloved one. I think if someone feeling useful for more and more people after their beloved ones, she/he would be happier.

I think this talk confuses relationships and being a recipient of care and love. What are good relationships and what are toxic relationships, and are toxic relationships better than being lonely? Relationships are between 2 people and is not the principle of a relationship a matter of giving and receiving? If one does not give, how long would that relationship last?

Linking it all back to the point of money, money is one way of giving (of course there are many ways of giving, such as giving ones time, ones effort etc), which can create a relationship. Is that type of relationship toxic and superficial?

If I use money to buy another person's time to do the house cleaning, so that my spouse can have more time to spend on her own hobbies, does that not mean that money can indeed result in happiness, both for my spouse and for me?

Hence I think what is meant here, is that the result of feeling being cared for, and giving the same in return provides the sensory feeling of happiness. Such feelings can be created through relationships, hypnotism, even drugs. And such creations may or may not (likely may) require money, time and effort (likely money).

Happiness is one of the biggest things sought, center of ever motive. If you think about it isn't it? If the goal is money, prestige, education, career, or family, isn't the whole purpose for fulfillment or happiness. Those things are always a "chasing after the wind" though. A whole life centered around something yet tasted, who's to say you'd truly enjoy it. Now not saying those things don't bring happiness, i question though if they bring lasting happiness. Something with fulfillment though is a relationship with the one who created us. It is in us to want to connect to him, made in his image. I like this article because it speaks on the topic of happiness based off quoted scriptures from my life coach.


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