Buying a Land in Lagos ? Take these STEPS

There are basic steps you ought to take when you’ve finally

decided to buy a land in Lagos, to reduce stress you must

ask basic questions and take these steps.

(1)Consult your agent and tell him exactly what you want

and how you’ll like to have it, if you have a good agent he

will most likely get a property close to what you want

faster than you might think is possible, this will save you

stress, but give him the instruction that you won’t want a

land under government acquisition, this will make him to

work harder and search for the right one.

(2) You can also do your research too from family members,

friends and online especially through an online forum like property section, there are lots of

professionals on that forum that that are ready to treat

your questions for free at the speed of light.

(3)After you must have been introduced to a land, the first

step is to go for site inspection. Considering many reasons

at the back of your mind to make you decide if to buy the

land or not. Issues like-

‘i’ Nearness to your office or business.

‘ii’ Will you be able to match the financial task required

if the soil is waterlogged and needs filling, and if you

are going for a storey building can you afford the type of

foundation that will be recommended.

‘iii’ The commercial value of the land in nearest future

‘iv’ Nearness to high tension cable (wires).You know it is

required you leave out at least 60m from the high tension


‘v’ how close is the site to Fuel or petroleum pipeline.

‘vi’ Nearness to major roads, if your site

is too close, and the road is expanded

in the future, it may affect your


‘vii’ Check the level of the ground to the surrounding

environment, I mean the topography, is your site at the

lowest level to the neighbouring sites, its

likely that runoff water will converge in your site

when is raining and no adequate planning for

drainage system like Lagos.

(4)If you are okay with the land after having met most of

these requirements above. Get your land surveyor to

accompany you to the site with his instruments (compass)

and don’t worry he is not going to charge you for going to

the site with him,just promise to give him the survey job

and that will settle it.

So why the Land surveyor?

He has the instruments/compass that he will use to know the

coordinates (direction located in map)of where the land

falls into and he has his colleagues at the surveyor

general’s office in Alausa Ikeja who he can easily call

right on your site to furnish him with the condition of

your proposed site. with this you can know if the land

falls under government acquisitions or not.

If there is a survey for the plot before, then do the

photocopy and check by yourself at the surveyor general’s

office Alausa, those guys there may eventually do it free for

you at most you only need to pay N2,000.

(5) Note that you’ve not paid money to accomplish the steps

above. If the site meets the right conditions, then get

your Lawyer, he is to help you ensure the paperworks are

properly done. Omo Onile fears lawyers so having one is

very important apart from other benefits you’ll get from

him. He will make sure genuine papers are gotten for your

property and he is there to defend you, Omo

Onile won’t prey on you if you have a bold lawyer.

Certificate of Occupancy, Deed of assignment,Governor’s

consent, e.t.c whatever you are required to have it is

better to have someone taking off the stress from you.

(6)Make sure you collect the genuine receipt from Omo Onile

after paying for your property fully.

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