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The brand was earlier started in 1949, the year was known to be the crossroads of resources and refinement. This all begins in Hamburg, where there is the global intersection of raw ingredients and craftsmanship. This year, the founding fathers of the Tchibo Online Shop, Max Herz and sir Carl Tchiling Hiryan, created this small coffee company. It is then decided the name “Tchibo” is actually a combination of Tchilinh and Bohne that stands for “Bean” in English.

Later this year, in 1950 the brand started its first order to deliver to its first pack of valuable customers. It is obsessed with the freshness from the very start. From the roasting and blending to sealing and packaging of the product all was done this year. The Tchibo Online Shop would also offer the customers a choice to have their coffee packed or in tins and pouches. 

You could easily smell the Tchibo Coffee for miles 

With the fresh-roasted aromas that are hard to resist, the Tchibo Online Shop started selling the coffee right outside the doors of the coffee factory. The factory-made coffee delivery was started in 1954.

Tchibo secret recipe- the power of Nine

As the brand expanded, the Rostmeisters along with the blenders have experimented with different innovative recipes along with variant flavor combinations. Its famous one was Gold-Mocca with a magic blend of 9 different coffees.

Tchibo Online Shop- Explicit range of blended coffee

  • Morning Blend: LIGHT ROAST
  • Colombia Origin: MEDIUM ROAST
  • Röstmeister: DARK ROAST

Use of Aroma Protect Technology

One of the main reasons for the Tchibo Online Shop's success is the freshness which is patented with Aroma Protect Technology. It is important to acknowledge that when the brands work to lock the products in fresh, they work the lockout oxygen and the light. Oxygen is considered to corrode organic objects throughout the ages. The Tchibo removers over 99% of the oxygen content from the beans that are then roasted and stored. So, the brand maintains virtually all of the original roasted flavors and aromas. 

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