Busybody husbands are disgrace to manhood - MFM AGO

Arogbonlo Israel

The Assistant General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Pastor Ladejola Abiodun has described men who only live on their wives' incomes as disgrace to manhood.

Abiodun made this statement known during a sermon titled "Power to excel in life and destiny" at the church's International Headquarters, Onike-Lagos on Sunday.

The clergyman further expressed his disappointment over the lackadaisical attitudes of some men who fully depend on their wives for livelihood.

He said "Waiting for your wife for food is an abuse of manhood. You can't be depending on your wife for everything and think you'll excel in life and destiny.

"Wearing trouser or boxer does not make you a man but hardwork with great commitment does."

According to him, the wish of God for every man is to excel as the head of the home and exercise control over all things under his care. However, he noted that the agenda of Satan is to pervert the purpose of God for man.

The AGO summarized his message with a Biblical passage in Proverbs 4:18, and urged the congregation to make God a priority in their life.

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