Few months ago, Jonathan was voted out of office after 6years as President of Nigeria for supposed incompetence and cluelessness vis-a-vis managing a country grounded by corruption. Somehow, Buhari got the mandate to fix the corruption mess under the mantra of change. Barely nine months later, I hear people say that while Jonathan was clueless amidst overflowing oil wealth for 6years, Buhari is now helpless amidst cash crunch and corruption-grounded economy. We recall that Okonjo Iweala told Nigeria few months ago to prepare for harsh and tough economic times since the governors refused her advice to save for the rainy day during the last six years of oil flourishing and now we have her prediction to reckon with even as the budget of change reflects profligacy than austerity coupled with plans to borrow from multilateral sources to fund the budget as a result of the cash crunch. As Buhari struggles to kill corruption as he promised, many have accused him via the media of disobeying court orders given his military antecedent. But one is yet to see any concrete Democratic move in this regard namely: dragging him to court which seems to suggest a total system collapse that thrives on media trial. Is there no good man left to undeify Buhari? Yet we know that Boko Haram massacred thousands of our people and mesmerized our security intelligence in an arms deal scandal popularly the Dasukigate that's yet to settle as billions of dollars supposedly meant for war against insurgency were diverted to private accounts and political campaigns while thousands of Nigerians where massacred by the Boko Haram albeit under someone's watch who told us that his political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian... whatever that may mean? Well, if those who looted the arms money are granted bail, mutinous soldiers should not only be compensated but should get an unreserved national apology.

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