Charity they say begins at home, fighting corruption with a corrupt approach will only heat up the polity and strengthen the Tribal and religious divide in our great Country Nigeria ... Am a core advocate of transparency and accountability, I believe in the principle of fairness there should be no sacred cow in the fight against corruption.
Lately if not recently the political seen in the country has been charge from the corruption charges levelled against Rotimi Amaechi the ...immediate past Governor of Rivers State, the feud between El Rufai and Osinbajo, Arraigning of the Senate President before the Code of Conduct Tribunal that acquitted Tinubu of same charges some year ago and of course the talk of the Moment the Arrest of Opec President and erstwhile Minister of Petroleum Allison Maduake, paramount and more worrisome is indiscriminate attack and suicide bombing by Boko haram in the country... innocent Nigerians dying in their dozen.
Hitherto, pertinent to Corruption is the saying "Charity begins at home " Our sainted President in is War against Corruption should start from his own kitchen cabinet to send a clear signal void of obscurity to the Nigerian People that indeed there is know skeleton in his wardrobe.
Make no mistake about my candid views on corruption, I am purely in support of Prosecuting all those that have Laundered, Stolen and Looted the Nations Treasury from the Military Days to present Democratic Government with no exemption. some would ague is not feasible' to probe through this Period , Perhaps let me narrow it down to May 29, 1999, when most of the loot of Abacha were recovered and Looted, Massive infrastructural investment in the FCT with El Rufai piloting affairs, Land racketeering, Billions invested on Power, In the West the making of the Lion of Boundilion, Odidigboigbo soared in the South, Billions were missing, the Emergence of the Dangote Business Empire, the birth of EFCC so much to say, scandals upon scandals did I forgot to mention Boko haram? ... looting the looted a replica in terms of Treasury looting of the Military Days of Abacha , IBB and off course the missing 54 suitcases era, what a twerking that corruption made stack naked in the Market square to the applaud and admiration of Nigerians till corruption became the role model of so many Nigerians.
To Cut the long story short a Goodluck gave birth to Change to a wide but divided celebration along ethnic and religious line among Nigerians. The question is; Are the Powers that be, now acting Change or Changing Change?
Charity Begins at Home!

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