Phase 3 of my campaign messages for Buhari-Osinbajo unbeatable team for 2015 Nigeria Presidential election.

…… Phase 3 of my campaign messages for Buhari-Osinbajo unbeatable team for 2015 Nigeria Presidential election. Citizens First, Nigeria First!First of all, I will like to thank Attorney Babatunde Babakare, a Nigerian Prophetic-Apostolic pastor for his move for a political merger that is now shaping way for a right direction for history to be made in Nigeria by Nigerians, for Nigerians. Also, I will like to seize this opportunity to give a special thank you to Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu a controversial politician, most able and versatile, a strategist political mover and shaker of our time. You are now becoming a gifted and dynamic politician and a good political policy maker to be reckoned with. Please ‘calm down’, lay back and continue to play the role of a kingmaker. That is power.  Remember; ‘Ol’oto ilu ni osika ilu’. Time, Choice, and Change :  My fellow Nigerians, A wise leader has taken his valuable time with his political lieutenants to make a smart vice leadership choice for 2015 Presidential election campaign that will chase heartless rogues out of office for the betterment of our crying nation, Nigeria. Who is this choice?  My fellow sons and daughters of Nigeria from different ethnic creeds, General Mahammodu Buhari has chosen a strange name in Nigeria politics as his running mate. This patriotic Nigerian is legal Luminary, an economic strategist, a civil right advocate, prolific writer, humanist, pastor of high reputation and integrity, a man of International figure, a positive family man in the name of Professor Yemi Osinbajo. APC is about to use history to tell our time in Nigeria. ”History is a clock by which people tell their political and cultural time of the day. It is also the compass that people use to find themselves on the map of human geography. The role of history is to tell a people what they have been, and where they have been, what they are and where they are. The most important role that history plays is that it has the function of telling a people where they still must go and what they still must be.” Fellow sons and daughters of Nigeria, I am greeting you in the name of our Creator and founding fathers. It is of high time we unit regardless of where we were born, how much money or wealth we have acquired to join hands with Buhari-Osinbajo’s campaign for a needed change.  lt is time we unite no matter which organization we belong to or our status in our various communities , field of endeavor, education, social status, and political affiliate, religion, illiterate or literate. We are one under God, indivisible and of the same ancestral creed in the name of Nigeria. “The tree of success has been shedding its green leaves in our backyard. We have been wondering why because tree will not shed its leaves unless the leaves are dry. We are wondering why but we do not know that the tree does not have root anymore.” The brook that forgets its source will dry. People that forget their origin will lack sense of unity, integrity, ideology, knowledge of self, respect for their Nation, loyalty and patriotism. My people please wake up from your sleeping mats, floor, bed, mattress or whatever you may be sleeping on to think and begin to fight our common enemies; self-centered leaders, poverty and disunity.

In each of us, Nigeria mind will be the basis of creating anything Nigeria. Nothing Nigeria is created without Nigerians mind is Creative. We Nigerians must embrace a philosophy of self-love and selflessness as opposed to self-hatreds and self-destructions. We must celebrate our originality as opposed to thoughtless imitation of other nations by helping Buhari-Osinbajo’s ticket for National progress.

People of a Nation that stays aloof of her positive political messengers will continue to perish in the hands of political demagogues and underdogs. That Nation will continue to lose her tradition, culture, spirituality, and politics, social and economic values within and amongst Nations of the world.  People of a Nation that extracts a fractional but very cardinal aspect of his/her tradition from his/her day today living are like persons who intentionally cut off their right and left legs and choose to ride around on  wheel chairs. Their Nation will not be a normal Nation any more but those people will be yawning for a sure help later. Buhari-Osinbajo’s team under APC will bring Nigeria’s needed help and keep hope alive in 2015.

What happened to a Nation with best crude oil in the world? What happened to a Nation that had a region that practiced the first free education in Africa? What happened to a Nation that had a region that practiced the first free health service in Africa? What happened to a Nation that had the first radio station in Africa? What happened to a Nation that invented arithmetic and processed their foods? What happened to our education system and textile industries? What happened to a Nation that got her independence in 1960 but has nothing to show for? What happened to the Nation that her people invented and practiced the doctrine of law that was copied by Western World? Buhari-Osinbajo’s team has positive answers to my questions. Let us support them and give them the chance to help us. They cannot do it alone.

It is not farfetched to conclude that the lack of fundamental structure of the various components of Nigeria life especially on the religious and political fronts led to collapse of our country? The elimination of integrity, culture, disrespect for tradition and political/ religion ineptitude among politicians and citizens are necessary condition of substantive progress; and the affirmation of Nigeria humanity especially among we, her citizens is a sufficient and imperative condition of this progress.  United we stand, divided we fall. Time is now to join forces with Buhari-Osinbajo’s visions for prosperity.

My fellow Nigerians! For more than 54 years, Nigeria had survived a brutal civil war, invasion and conquest after conquest of our civil liberty in the hands of Military dictators and self-centered political idiots. However, none is more permanent than that of the physical captivity of slavery and the mental devaluation of colonialism-experiences that permanently destroyed the memories of what our ancestors were before foreign contacts. Let us unite and do our best in making this change happen, be supportive, and strive to work hard to be part of the forces that will move us forward with change. That force is Buhari-Osibajo’s ticket for freedom.

While it is imperative to recognize that South-West, South-South and South-East people were not the only people that experienced acts of aggression and domination, what is unique to our experience is the habit of regarding the actual as normal and acceptable. Instead of seeking to replace it with ideal ; against the view of human life, as vain and hopeless; against banality and the sense of vanity; in a state halfway  between sleeping and waking; in a dream of powerlessness and state of uselessness. Let us be prepared to rally round Buhari-Osinbajo’s presidential campaign for normalcy, ideal and acceptability of real servants of our Nation.

My fellow compatriots, Bahari-Osinbajo’s tickets will bring us out of our devastating episodes of religious slavery and political colonialism in our Nation by our own people. Nigerians were regarded as people of self-reliance and integrity in the 60s-early 80s in the Western world. Our money was almost twice that of American Dollar. Our education system was highly recognized and respected in Western Hemispheres. Now, no one wants to hear the names of Nigerians anywhere neither our crumbled academic institutions nor the second to nothing worthless Naira. ‘Haba, Kilode’. What happened? What was the genesis of this huge collapse?   Let us form progressive amalgamation of purpose behind Buhari-Osinbajo  for changes that will keep our hopes alive. Remember that the damage is so overwhelming that when we vote them into power; they will not be able to find solutions to the blemishes in one day. Support and vote Buhari-Osinbajo’s ticket come 2015.

Today, Nigeria as a Nation has a combination of hamlets, huts, villages, towns and cities with a GNP that is far less to halve the State of Texas, yet we are been lied to by our treasury looters that we are giant of Africa with a trifling economy better than that of South Africa. Who are they deceiving? Where did they collect or produce fallacious economic report? The giant of Africa my foot!  The time is now to support Buhari-Osinbajo’s strategic political mission that will give credible economic data under their governance of truth. 

Let us enthusiastically throw out our collective rocks at vagabonds in power, and chase them out of office with our collective voting powers in numbers by voting for Buhari-Osinbajo’s ticket in 2015. Jonathan must return to Otueke; shoeless and return to his ‘kainkian ogogoro’ time. We have so many tapped and untapped resources better than crude oil, yet nothing is done except treasury looting that has virtually created unimaginable armed robbers, turned women with many college degrees into prostitutes, destroyed so many homes and rendered our youths hopeless.  Despite the fact that we are not an industrialized nation, with the looting of our treasury, we still have the buying power within Nigeria and the continent of Africa as a nation but we are not aware of our market potential even with the port of Lagos alone for citizens businesses. Instead of the current political leaders to implement policies that will encourage entrepreneurship in nation building, they are making policies that are destroying small and large scale businesses thus rendering land, labor , capital and entrepreneurship worthless. What a waste of resources and brain drains? Let us unite and vote for change, hope, prosperity and sanity. Buhari-Osinbajo’s tickets will bring needed solutions slowly and peacefully.   

We Nigerian people of today may exercise the liberty of preserving the anguish of the past if only we use the same to create a powerful future from the advent of Buhari-Osibajo’s ticket. We will no longer have the equivalence to justify our past in our development if we fail to.

From the time of the late Sadauna, Tafabalewa, Enahoro,  Awolowo, Akintola, Ironsi, Fajuyi Olufunmilayo Kuti , Amina and many more of our founding fathers and mothers of Nigeria, Nigerians have endeavored to build bridges of cooperation  amongst her people. Today, we must advance the mission by destroying our own suspicion of one another, and commence to fight with our common enemy, religion and politics of deceit, corruption and embezzlement of public funds. Buhari-Osinbajo’s ticket will bring hope and change that we need with time if only we can support them. 

What is our common enemy? Poverty of the mind, absolute poverty and temporary poverty are our common enemies. The enemies of our Nation are using ethnicity, and religion to create poverty while majority of us glorify them with ignorance. Buhari-Osinbajo’s ticket will soon have answer to the question. Let us join them in saying ‘NO’ to poverty!

Until now, we have constantly talked and deliberated on our dilemma without undertaking equivalent action to rectify it. All we have done is to moan and mystify our misery or blame the government in spite of the part played by ourselves in our economically backward state. We continue to allow the heartless people in government to govern us while some of us accept scrumps from their loots to harass other fellow citizens. Buhari-Osinbajo’s ticket will destroy political god-fathers who are part our blemishes and bring sanity back into our communities. 

We Nigerians are valiant people with the senses of pride. What can we do now? We must therefore close the era of rhetoric and commence with the process of reforming and reparation. If Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his phenomenal team did it perfectly in Western Region, Buhari-Osinbajo’s tickets should be able to do it better for Nigeria. Our challenge is to seek and unite every son and daughter living in the continent of Africa and the Americas and Europe for this common course; freedom of the Nation that will make us proud again. Vote Buhari-Osibajo’s tickets come 2015.We must congratulate the efforts of the founders of APC, the great political organization that may eventually become an institution. All we need are institutions to advance the spirit of our vision. My fellow Nigerians; what are the people of a nation without knowledge of their country? We have tradition, the sacred laws of the people left by our founding fathers to guide our lives even before the advent of European. We invented our doctrine of laws and sustainable system of governance that worked in our various ethnic communities. Let us vote Buhari-Osinbajo’s tickets for needed change and hope.The mission and mandate we will give Buhari-Osinbajo’s tickets for their mission for us is to embark on economic, security, social and cultural civilization of we Nigeria sons and daughters in country, the continent of Africa and in the Diaspora. We should mandate them to institute viable industrialization, infrastructures, education and cultural growth of our children and Nation. We will implore them to establish sound and very effective communication basis with all sons and daughters of Nigeria in Africa and beyond her shores. Vote for Buhari, vote for Osinbajo vote for change and hope! May God bless Nigeria! Thank you all for reading my message of hope……… be continued.

Written by Asiwaju Olu’ Mayungbe                                                                                                                           Founder & Chairman of TABOB Enterprises Group Inc. USA

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