As we move through the present economic conditions, the socio economic setting is different from what is used to be in the past today, many industries have to contend periodically with shortages and others face interactive competition people values are changing.

          An attempt to know the most satisfying product right channels to be adopted, types of pricing tactics to adopt and the promotional strategy to apply.

          Marketing is something that we do well, we all live by selling something. (stevenson) workers exchange their labour for income and use their income to buy wanted goods, companies use their products and use the receipt to buy raw materials and equipment move goods making a profit all know is a crucial human investing. It embraces the activities we engage into satisfy economic want.

          This marketing was born, marketing means working in markets which in means attempting to satisfying human activity directed at satisfying needs and want through exchanges process, it consists of finding out what product and services people already need and want and than proceeding to design, promote and distribution them.

          A production is any thing that can be offered to a market for attention acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a went or need, which exchange can be defined as the art of obtaining a desired object from some one by offering something in the return.

          Marketing determines the growth and expenses of any businesses organisation, the market therefore is a researcher, investor, a psychologist, sociologist, economist communicator and a lawyer all rolled in the one, the professional marketer is involved in finding consumer needs and desires, developing product concepts aimed at satisfying fulfilled needs and desire, testing the validity of those product concepts, designing product features, packaging and finding a suitable brand name, pricing the product to recover a reasonable from an investment arranging for regional, nation and international distribution creating effecting marketing communization to let public know about the product’s availability commercial scene, and dating scale, monitoring customer satisfaction and rendering marketing plans in the light of results.

          Good marketing defined a purpose for every organization, and statement of purpose should be specifies as to the business domain in which the organization will operate e.g. we help farmers to increase their productively. In its development of a definition for business domain, the company may want to specify up to from concession needs customer growth product and technology.

          The energy of pure water has made it imperative to effectively market such product many years back there nothing of such and since there are a lot of them in the market now, the opportunities which they found and tend to exploit soon become a threat. This is so because many people went out to exploit negatively the opportunities there is with out adequate consideration for a health and proper hygiene water packaging.

          Marketing is a total system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distributed want – satisfying goods and services to present and potential consumer whole maximizing sales profitably over the long run.





This research work deals with branding and marketing of pure water in Ilorin township, about satisfaction by the competitor that the regulatory system. The problem aims at solving some of the questions that might arise in the branding and marketing of pure water. The method of data used in the project was primary which include questionnaire and chi – square correlation  analysis that was prepared for the testing of the hypothesis. During the period of finding, the researcher was able to examine and ascertain that branding enhances the effectiveness and efficient running of the branding has the marketing of pure water in Ilorin, therefore it was to realized that for any sector to develop and effectively running, it must be competitive and marketing oriented, so that the branding and marketing of pure water. Lastly the recommendation shows that branding influences the choice of a product in the market. For consumer to identify the product of their choice. This project contain five chapters, chapter one presented background of the study, statement of problem, aims and objective of the study, significance of the study, scope of the study and limitation and constraint to the study. Chapter two also explained the text book and author of the research been used in this project work. The concept of marketing, marketing strategy, branding and brand, branding policy methods of treating water and hypothesis formulation. Chapter three provided how research design population sample and sample size, sources of data, method of data collection and method of data presentation and analysis been gathered. Chapter four talk about the brief history of Ayobat pure water, data presentation, date analysis, hypothesis and discussion of finding. Finally, chapter five analysis the summary of report, conclusion and recommendation given to the company has an personal advice



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