It is no more news that Boko Haram had nearly finished half the population of the north and many innocent people, but a question that begs for an answer is why? Well, we can’t possibly deny that Boko Haram is a terror unleashed by the frustrated lots against the Nigerian state and its leaders who, in their opinion, have been flourishing in wealth and ostentation while they stand neglected in yawning poverty. It then becomes obvious that everybody wants a piece of the national cake, having heard and seen how the Niger delta boys obtained there’s. But why should we choose to inflict more pain on our fellow hustling mate? I.e. brothers and sisters. It is enough, the level of Nigerians’ inhumanity to co-Nigerians especially the innocent poor masses. Boko Haram, we sincerely forgive you for your past missed projection, for your insensitivity, for your utter lack of manners and pity, go and sin no more. But should in case you still feel the urge to, I implore you to set your priorities right this time and face your target(s), shoot and k*** at sight all those who, have held your hands from taking and getting your desired share. And no more of the blindfolded, off target killing and maiming of the harmless, innocent and defenseless citizens. All we want is peace. One voice, one people and one united country NIGERIA.

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