BOKO HARAM...I told you in July 2011. Did you believe?

I came by here on July 17, 2011 and wrote what remains my only post here. I was simply anguished that some people were making us chase illusions. As it turns out, it has taken our president six months to make the same discovery or to admit it. I say again, there is no Boko Haram. There are as many command posts as there are sympathizers with delusions. Here is that post again. 



Well before this new obsession with hand-thrown bombs, those who cared to look knew that the list of Robin Hoods was growing. These Robin Hoods are not the type in the Sherwood Forests that despise oppressive governments. They are the type that are angry that they did not get the opportunity to become the oppressive government.
The long list of reasons for creating an illusion of confusion has one thing common to each item - greed!They can make all the noise they want, they have no philosophy. When you finally unmask them (if you have the willpower) you will find the same faces you always knew.
Now to other matters.

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