BlackBerry Explosion in Nigeria: Time for Mobile Website is Now

It is amazing the rate at which everyone is desperate to own a BlackBerry in Nigeria. It is no news that BlackBerry is now the reigning thing in the country and if you don’t have it, then you are not just there. For many Nigerians, especially ladies, BlackBerry is not just a communication device that helps deliver information on the go and impact business positively, it is perceived as a luxury.

However, the introduction of BlackBerry phones into the Nigerian Market is right on target in a period when most people have no time to sit on their desktop or move their laptops around. With your BlackBerry, you can effectively communicate on any platform without risking the carriage of heavy gadgets. It has also encouraged Internet usage amongst many Nigerians who don’t really fancy going online.

Nevertheless, the purpose of this post is to quickly notify savvy business owners the huge marketing opportunity involved in this speedy rising trend of BlackBerry and other smartphones usage in Nigeria. Now, the major thing that bridges the gap between digital and physical life is mobile phone. Mobile technology is very much in place and is finally delivering on its promise but many businesses are still not hearing the clarion call. Most have not yet created marketing strategies to capitalize on the mobile opportunity. But, it is not too late to be early to mobile. Outline below are the steps businesses should take- today- to build the foundation of their mobile marketing strategy.

Design a mobile specific site. If you already have a website, you need to quickly design a mobile version of it. What is a mobile specific site? It is a website designed specifically for mobile phones. It prioritize what is important for a user on the go, features elements that are easy to see and interact with, and ultimately leads to happy users and customers. Desktop website is not the same as mobile website. Website that looks great on desktop may be illegible or may not work or load at all on mobile. While designing the mobile site, make the navigation easier and the content must be more selective.

Furthermore, create a paid placement advertising campaign for your mobile website with Google. It is important you geo-target your advertising campaign because when people are looking for information on a mobile device, they intend to act on it fast. For example, when you search for a fast food outlet on your BlackBerry, you are probably hungry and you want to eat somewhere close by. Or you arrive Port Harcourt late in the night and you quickly search to compare the hotels available within Rumuokoro through your phone, it is more likely that you will visit one of the hotels found in the region. This is a great business opportunity for local businesses whose desktop websites have been idle!

Finally, if you have not been sending SMS to your prospect and customers, the time is now. The next time you are designing your marketing plan or thinking of advertising on radio, TV, news paper or online, first think of how to integrate SMS otherwise you will commit what is called “marketing suicide”. If you find it difficult to figure out the best way, you are not alone, contact an expert in the field. Testimonies coming from users of SMS marketing are too wonderful to neglect.

Whatever SMS marketing strategy you have adopted, whenever you are sending an offer as SMS to your opt-in database, ensure to include the link to your mobile website. Recipients can get the detail of the offer from the website through the link. It is easy because BlackBerry users do subscribe for Internet usage daily, weekly or monthly.

Obanimoh Siyaka  

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