Black and White Racial Equality between Illusion and Reality


In as much as I firmly believe that, God has created human beings with equal rights, obligations and potentials, I can’t help wondering why the black race in general comparatively lags behind in virtually all worthwhile human endeavors? Actually from what I have often observed, if not for some clear Divine pronouncements, which confirm that equality, I would have concluded that, the black race is simply naturally disadvantaged compared to the white race. I have always wondered why an average black man’s intelligence is seen as comparatively low, and he is considered naïve, aggressive, lazy and so on? Worst still is why his attitude and behaviors compared to others and to a large extent seem to confirm such stereotypes? After all, I know for sure how their performance in their collective endeavors says it all; they represent the worst example of socio-political and economic instability as nations, and have the worst human development indices. Moreover, after more than fifty years of independence, they have not only failed to establish a single prosperous country, but have also failed to even maintain the prospect of prosperity left for them by their former colonial masters.
Perhaps what particularly convinces the white racists that the black race is indeed inferior is that, the closer they (i.e the black) are to the whites, and/or the lighter their skins the better their conditions. Admittedly, it is hard to convince an average racist, who is oblivious of such Divine declarations to change his belief regarding the supposed inferiority of the black race. This is because –among other things- one can hardly find any concrete grounds to compare between the two races in practical terms. Incidentally, I am sure if I were not black, I would have been definitely branded as a bloody racist. So, being black I am sure I would not escape being libeled as a racist apologist at least.
Nevertheless, my concern is to find any convincing explanation of such obvious phenomenon, having firmly believed in the natural equality of human beings as mentioned earlier. Incidentally, in the process of my research I spared myself the trouble of examining any theories that suggest any genetic or natural inequality between the two races, as there was absolutely nothing like that.
I have therefore come up with a theory to the effect that, during the early age of the humanity, man came to perceive and evaluate the worthiness of various concepts based on what largely defined them, the context in which they were mainly used and what they generally represented. He innocently perceived colors on such bases, which unsurprisingly led him to perceive white as positive and black as negative generally. Interestingly, this was/is not basically wrong, after all even God the Almighty describes various concepts accordingly.
However, the misconception apparently began when people began to unnecessarily extend the applicability of such perception to other things i.e. human beings. And over the subsequent eras, that notion continued to influence the way people interacted, hence the black people were treated bit differently from their white counterparts, and the situation continued to worsen gradually. Notwithstanding whether at some point the black people resisted that trend or not, what apparently happened was that, they eventually succumbed and came to terms with it. In fact they began to subconsciously believe that they were of course inferior, hence their attitudes began to react accordingly.
Over the subsequent millennia they came to be generally identified as less talented, naive and comparatively uncivilized. And on their part, having already assumed such stereotypes, they largely acted as such, which enabled their white counterparts to manipulate, exploit and eventually enslave them. That further aggravated their attitudinal conditions and indeed deprived them of their natural sense of self-dignity, high esteem and other attributes of positive attitudes. And unsurprisingly they kept passing the same mindsets to their offspring, which explains why even in the modern age of civilization, the same phenomenon of apparent black race inferiority still persists.
Incidentally, man’s prospect of exploiting his God-given potentials depends on the degree of his attitudinal positivity, which explains why over the history the black race has always performed comparatively less than the white race in general.
I would therefore recommend regular attitude improvement lessons to be integrated into the standard curricula of all schools at all levels particularly for black people. After all, some of them who have pursued attitudinal improvement lessons have been able to exploit their full potentials, and have indeed excelled in their various fields of specialization like or even better than their white counterparts.


Mohammad writes form UAE. For more of his articles visit

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