Bistop Is Not Claming Ownership Of Yori Yori

Bistop Is Not Claming Ownership Of Yori Yori

Following the recent publication of ‘We Own Yori Yori Not Bistop’ in the Showpiece section, of ‘The Sun’ Feb. 28 2010 issue, regarding Bracket saying they own Yori Yori and not Bistop, (The Name Is Bistop
and Not Bishop as written in ‘The Sun’ Newspaper) I find it very
important to clear the waves on the whole Bracket Issue so the public
can know the truth About How And Why The Group Bracket Broke Up.

To start with I will rather describe this move by Vast and Smash as an act of insecurity and a feeling of impending career doom for them. How the Group Bracket Was Formed It’s just so Amazing to hear or read
that Smash (The light skinned member) will come out in public to talk
about the formation of the group when he wasn’t even in Nnsuka when the
group was formed.

Bistop Met Vast (The Dark skinned member) in a Barber Shop way back 1999 then his name was “Sheri Koko” then Bistop gave him the name “Vast” (Bistop actually gave the two of them their individual pseudonyms they
use now). Read the rest of this entry »

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