Big Brother Naija 2017 Has Started and it is shown on DSTV channel 198, whereby 10 housemate is now living together at list 10 week and therefore one out of the 10 will be emerge as the winner of the competition. the Big Brother Naija 2017, feature equality in gender, 5 boys and 5 girls. 

The Big Brother Naija was first held in the year 2006 over 11 years ago, and now it is back after 11 years break and the resumption of the said tv reality show, is met for 10 people from different background, 10 persons with different personality living together  cooking together and also to keep the house alive. the TV reality show is a Nigeria version of that of the Africa version.

Tthat of the Africa version showcase representative of each country in Africa, we see two representing their country. but that of Nigeria they are 10 in the house one is to wonder we have 36 state in the country, which state is represented? we also have 6 political zone which political zones is been represent? Big Brother Naija 2017Has Started

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