tell me why chiness will be giving gift to nigeria ,the people they hate please make call or those of you who travel to china and see what they are doing to nigerians living there .they came to lagas and donate 10 motorcycle for security, is not becouse they know how they are matreting nigerians living there ,i wonder why our gorvment will fold there arms and watching them so call ambassadors are here doing noting . beware of chiness

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Comment by NEBEOLISA CHARLES UCHENNA on November 28, 2010 at 2:24am
the whole world comdem them for what they are doing to other countries only somebody like you will welcome them .only in africa chinese firm goting contract why can't them go to other countries got a contact .why do they chinese aword contactract to country like .usa,france, isreal europes,and come to africa and become contractors .my friend if don't know what is going on you first asked your town people who lived in china to educate you more about china not just talk becouse you see there economy booming. if i may asked how come that there economies. it's what they stled from the so call companies in the name of copy .for eg why should the do other peoples product and sale. thats the problem we are facing today they duped you in many ways you buy adidas. nike in china are the the owner of it? all the whole world is full of substanderd product fake in the name of original and you are there happy. the you know how many barels of cruide go out of your country every day stolen by chinese firm in the name of giving them countract . let your eyes be open think well before you chalange me i am china you are not there just be quite.why would they provide any thing for us. they would have provide power for you not byke.the manufactured and ship to your country free duty why your own brother pay huge amount of money to clear his goods you are there jublating .i donth blame you

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