Best Tips for College Students: How to Talk to Professors

Most students dread the thought of talking to their professors, they see it as a punishment. If they ever come across one of their professors and they are required to talk to them, they will always find a way to get themselves out of that situation. This should not be the case though. Talking to your professors should be taken as a light exercise. You will be surprised to know that most professors like talking to their students and normally have a lot of things that they wish they could tell their students.

Here, we will show you how to talk to your professors comfortably without any hitch and keep the conversation going.

1. Call Them by Their Title

When talking to your professor you want to call them by their right title. This will show that you acknowledge their accomplishments and have a multitude of respect towards them. You always see them write their initials (Prof.) when signing their names so make sure you use it!

A doctor in the teaching profession is normally someone who has a Ph.D. though not all professors have Ph.D.'s. You can use the title professor unless they allow you to use their first name when addressing them. If not, just be safe and stick to professor. In the cases that you’re not sure, you can use the pronouns “Mr” or “Ms”. Under no reasons should you use the word “Mrs” if the professor herself has not used it.

2. Honesty Is the Best Policy

Most students may not know this but after a few years of teaching, professors have seen it all. They know all the lies you will probably tell so do not even try to tell a lie to their face, they will smell it coming from a mile away.

Once a professor establishes that you’re trying to dupe him, he will react in a negative manner towards you. Whatever request that you may have, they will not grant it and they will always be on your case trying to make your life harder. Therefore, you might as well tell the truth. If you decide to lie, you better come up with something new that you’re sure he has never heard of and make it hilarious that he himself will be compelled to grant you your wish!

3. Do the Work

There is nothing more that professors hate than a lazy student. When given an assignment by the professor the best thing for you to do is do the assignment as quickly as you can. Do your best essay writing or term paper and submit it on time! Failure to do it you will end up in the wrong books of the professor.

In the event that you missed an assignment or failed to show up for an exam and you want a makeup test, then you ought to be ready to do the test whenever he says so. By saying yes to whatever date he proposes, you show that you’re serious and want to get things done. Going back and forth on dates makes him feel you are a bother to him. And it’s usually better if you acknowledge this in writing for purposes of record.

4. Be Clear

When you visit a professor, make your intentions clear. If it's a social visit, say that it's a social visit. If you are there for some assistance in regards to class work, then let him know what brings you to his quarters. Once you’ve stated what you came to do, make sure that you do it as fast as you can and get out of his hair, he or she has some other things to attend.

5. Make Social Calls

You may not know this, but the school sets aside some time for professors to get social calls from students. This is to help get some help from professors in case they have any. On top of that, professors like talking to students, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

It’s most likely that sometimes professors spend most of their time playing solitaire and candy crush in their offices wondering if any student will show up with a question. Pay your professors a visit and just talk, pick their brains on certain things and see what they have to say about them. They may not be in a position to give you advice on personal matters but you can build relationships with them that will help you.

6. Do Not Flirt

Professors do not take it lightly when their students flirt with them, even as a joke. If there is any hint of a student being favored over others, it would be the end of their careers and they do not want that. So when engaging with a professor make sure that you stick to matters that concern the classroom or education. Anything apart from that you should refrain from it. Therefore, when writing that email or texting your professor, make sure that whatever you write is appropriate.


That sums it all up. Do not be afraid to talk to your professors, they too are human just like you and they probably are looking forward to speaking to you and share the knowledge they have. If they are very busy, you can let them know of your intention to have a talk by writing emails or texting them so that they can give you an appointment.

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